Forbidden Fruit (Sister in Law)

Days went by and I still couldn’t get her out of my mind. I replayed her grinding on my cock so many times I was starting to question whether it really happened or if I was making this up somehow. The image of her cute white panties barely exposed through her shorts was somehow more erotic to me than the most obscene scenes. It was consuming me.

Luckily it wasn’t long before I got some good news from Kate. We had plans that Friday night with some friends to go bowling and Kate suggested we invite Ali. I didn’t want her to suspect anything on my end so I pushed back.
“Umm.. well idk, we kinda had plans with Devin and Ash, are you sure we should invite her? “ I replied.
“They always invite other people when we go, you know that, remember last time it ended up being like 10 of us.” She fought back.
That was more than enough to clear suspicion.

“Ok, fine. You’re right, they always do invite more people.” I agreed.
The final lead up days to Friday felt eternal. I can’t tell you how many scenarios I played out in my head sitting at my desk. I’m surprised they didn’t fire me with how little I got done those days!
3:58…. 3:59….. 4:00….
I stared at the clock. Finally, it was 4:00! I packed my things and flew home to get ready. Kate was already home when I got there and she was finishing her hair.
“So.. what time is Ali coming over? We have to be there at 6:00.” I asked.
“She should be here around 5:00. Do you mind if she spends the night again? I’m sure we’re all going to be drinking and I don’t want her driving home afterwards.”
It was like music to my ears.
“Sure, that’s fine.” I said, nonchalantly. Deep down bursting with excitement.
I was downstairs on the couch waiting for Kate to finish getting ready when I heard the doorbell ring. My heart immediately began to race with excitement. I casually walked over to the door, trying to compose myself.
I opened the door and saw Ali. With the cutest smile across her face. She was wearing black tights that hugged her ass perfectly and a forest green tank top that showed off her clearly bigger now tits.
“Hey you” she smiled.
I stood frozen for a second like an idiot.
“Heeeyyy” I responded, again like an idiot.

I extended my arms and she came in for a hug. I’m 5”10 so not much taller than her, meaning that our faces are pretty much at the same height when we hug. She rested her head on the side of my neck and embraced me. Her perfume shot up my nostrils like a drug being injected in my veins. Flashbacks of that night began to shoot through my memory and I felt my cock instantly swelling.
I let go before too long. The hug was maybe 3 seconds, slightly longer than usual but it felt so much longer.
“Come in, Kate should be done soon.”
She came inside and took a seat on the couch. I happily joined her and we began to talk about her classes and such. Not long after Kate came down and we got ready to head out.
We got to the bowling alley and Kate was right. Devin had invited a few friends and it ended up being like 12 of us. Which was nice actually because it helped break some of the tension I was feeling and distracted me enough to be able to think of something else. It also helped get Ali some drinks. She was only 19 so obviously couldn’t order but between all the people there, it wasn’t hard to order for her.

We played for a few hours and I noticed Kate started to take some shots with the girls. If you know Kate you know she is not really a drinker. Ali on the other hand partied a lot. I wasn’t worried about her. The night wrapped up and we got ready to go. Kate was absolutely sloshed. I had to help her to the car even. Knowing that I would have to drive I made sure to take it easy and only had a few beers. Ali was certainly feeling good, not hammered but certainly not sober.
We headed home and Kate was basically asleep. We sat in silence for a bit then Ali spoke.
“Hey Mike, are you going to bed when we get home or are you down to have a few more drinks?”
My heart stopped. I couldn’t believe she was actually the one initiating something. I imagined it all week but deep down didn’t think anything would happen but it seemed the perfect storm was brewing.
“I’m down to have a few more. I hardly drank, it’s you 2 drunks that got hammered.”
Kate mumbled something that neither of us understood and Ali cracked up laughing.
“Ok great!” She responded.

We got home and Kate was legitimately passed out. I had to carry her inside while Ali couldn’t stop laughing about it. We got inside and I headed to the room to take Kate to bed and Ali headed to our spare bedroom to change I assumed. I couldn’t wait to see what she would change into.
I got Kate in bed and went to the bathroom to pee before I was ready to head downstairs. My stomach was in a knot, I was so nervous and excited. I changed into these gray sweat shorts that I had that were very thin and clearly showed the bulge of my cock and a T-shirt and headed downstairs. Her door was open so I knew she was downstairs already.
I headed down and heard her in the kitchen. I walked over to her and instantly gazed at her attire. She was wearing the same tiny shorts as last time but this time she had a white tank top on with clearly no bra underneath. Her nipples easily visible poking through the thin fabric. I felt my cock twitch at the sight of her. I looked at her up and down indiscreetly. She loved it, with a smirk on her face. I snapped out of it. She was already making drinks. And of course, she had a bottle of tequila out.
“Oh boy” I laughed. “You weren’t kidding about having some drinks” I laughed again.
“What?, are you scared?” she poked at me.
“Scared? Ha! It’s you i’m worried about.” I jabbed back.
She smiled. “Don’t worry about me, it’s going to take more than this for me to pass out tonight.” Clearly taking a shot at Kate.
She proceeded to fill half the glass with Tequila and the other half with sprite then handed it to me.
“Here you go then.” She smiled.
She grabbed her drink and took a large drink. She wasn’t playing around.
“So.. what do you want to do?” I asked her.
“Hmm, idk, we can just go to the couch and watch tv and chat?” she suggested.

“Works for me.” I responded.
We headed over to the couch and took a seat. Modestly close to each other. We began to talk about her school again, then her parties, and then about boys.
She began to tell me that she had a few hookups here and there but nothing serious.
“I don’t know, it’s like the boys are so immature at my age, and tbh, they aren’t that great in bed so that sucks.”
Hearing her say that got my blood boiling. I felt my legs begin to quiver even.
“Yeah I hear you. I was there not that long ago haha most guys suck in bed at that age, but don’t worry, they’ll get better as you get a little bit older.” I responded. Not pushing anything yet.
Out of the blue her tone changed and she looked at me.
“Can I ask you something?”
My heart was racing. I tried to keep my cool wondering what she would ask next.
“Is it normal for girls to watch porn?”
I breathed out from holding my breath. Her question wasn’t as intense as I had thought it would be but still I was pleased by it.
“Of course it is. I know lots of girls that watched porn growing up.”
She stayed silent.
“Hmm, yeah, but Kate doesn’t. She told me when I asked her about it.”
She wasn’t wrong. Kate never got into porn.
“Hmm, yeah Kate doesn’t care much for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not normal. I mean. I still watch porn.” I told her.
She looked up at me.
“I mean, every guy watches porn though.” she laughed.
“True.” I laughed back. “I guess the better question is what kind of porn do you watch?” I asked her, biting my lip awaiting her response.
“Hmm” she thought about it. “Normal stuff I guess.” She laughed nervously.
“What’s normal?” I asked.
“You know, like hot girls with guys, idk how else to explain it.” she responded.
“Ok fair enough.” I laughed. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

We sat there for a minute then she said:
“Want to see my favorite video?”

This girl continued to surprise me. I was easily sporting a half chub at this point that was pretty visible.
“Haha I mean, sure, if you want to show me.” I responded. Not wanting to sound too eager.
She reached over for my laptop that was sitting on the coffee table and handed it to me. She asked me to unlock it for her. I did and handed it back to her. I was concerned that Kate might hear something so I stood up to grab some headphones I had nearby. As I stood up I noticed Ali staring at my cock and the clear outline of it through my shorts. It sent chills down my spine but I played it cool.
I walked back over and sat right next to her this time. She had pornhub already pulled up. I put the headphone in and placed one bud in my ear and handed her the other. She had the laptop on her legs. She searched for something then clicked on a video.
It was an interesting one. It was a cute blonde girl and a guy one a bed with a mirror on the ceiling. It had no intro, it got right into the sex. It wasn’t what I would normally watch, I’m a sucker for a good intro but still it was hot. I watched as Ali began to fidget with her feet, clearly nervous too. It was only about 7 minutes long. We finished watching it then she asked me:
“What did you think?” with a cute smile on her face.
“Not bad at all!” I responded, pretending I liked it more than I realistically did.
“Good! Now you show me your favorite video.”

I had to think about that. I had so many videos I loved, but I wanted to pick one I thought she would like. I settled on a brother/sister video where they had to share a bed and end up fooling around. It was a 30 minute long video with a great intro that showed them slowly touching each other then building up to a great sex scene.
The video started and Ali leaned in closer to me. Our legs and shoulders touching. Not long into the video I felt my cock getting really hard. There wasn’t much I could do at this point to hide it but realistically I didn’t care to hide it. I watched as my shorts stretched out and I sported a full hard on. Ali was glued to the screen and didn’t look at first. Then I noticed her glance down. Getting a full view of it. I noticed a grin on her face from the corner of my eye. I could feel the both of us shaking a little, the tension was insane.
15 Minutes into the video and a few more glances at my cock she finally turned her head and looked over at me smiling.
“Soo Mike.. looks like you’re a little excited down there..” she said laughing with a lustful look in her eyes.
I grinned and smiled covering up a bit with my hand.
“Yeah… haha sorry about that! I can’t help it. He has a mind of his own.” I laughed. “It’s not fair, you may be as turned on as I am right now but you don’t have something that bulges out of your pants to show it.”
She paused for a second.
“Well yeah.. That’s true. But that doesn’t mean I’m not turned on.. I’m so wet right now…” She said biting down on her lip.

My cock noticeably jerked up as I heard her say that. I was ready to pounce on her in that moment but was loving the slow build more than anything.
“Oh yeah..?” I asked. “Mm, good. I’m glad i’m not the only one then..”
She thought for a second.
“Hmm, would it be so wrong if we touched ourselves? My pussy is aching right now.” She said.
“Fuck me” I thought. As if I wasn’t obsessed with her enough already.
“Umm.. No, I don’t think it would be so bad..” I responded, shaking.
“Mm ok then”
She reached over for the blanket that was beside us and placed the laptop over one of my legs and the other half on hers. She placed the blanket over herself and leaned back. I was disappointed she was covering up but was still as turned on as ever. She placed a hand inside the blanket and reached into her shorts and began to rub herself, letting out little moans as she touched herself. I was in shock and didn’t even think to touch myself. I wasn’t staring but certainly watching her more through my peripheral than I was the screen.
“Mmm, Mike. Aren’t you going to touch yourself?” She asked.
I bit my lip.

“Mm, well yeah but I can’t really cover up like you can..” I responded.
“Hmm.. well.. I don’t mind if you don’t..” she nervously responded.
I thought about it for a second.
“Mmm.. Ok then..” smiling.
I arched my butt upwards and pulled my shorts and briefs down to my knees. My cock springing up to my belly button. A string of precum dripping from the head of my cock.
She didn’t even try to hide it. She watched every second of it.
“Holy fuck Mike…” she said with her mouth open. “Fuck, I see why Kate married you.” she laughed.
I’m well hung. Just over 7 inches long and nearly 6 inches thick.
I smiled, loving the compliment.
“Haha thanks. I’m glad you like it..”
She widened her eyes.
“Umm.. yeah you could say that.” she laughed nervously again.
I leaned back and slowly started stroking my cock up and down, rubbing the precum off my head all over my shaft. I was soaked.
Ali leaned back too and continued to touch herself, moaning considerably louder this time. I could tell she was looking over at me more than anything. After a few minutes I finally got what I wanted.
“Well.. if you aren’t covering up then I guess I don’t have too either..” she said.
I looked back at her.
“No one told you to cover up.. You think I would mind?” I asked.
“Well I was trying to be modest.. But since your… um.. Cock.. is out.. Then I guess it’s ok.” She responded.
She pushed the blanket to the side and leaned forward, sliding her shorts and pink panties down to her ankles. I was in heaven. I instantly got a whiff of her scent. It was intoxicatingly good. It took everything in my power not to drop to my knees right there and bury my face in it.
Seeing as she watched me take mine off I stared at her as she dropped them. She let them off one leg and spread her legs a little. She had a beautifully shaved pussy. I could see her slit glistening from how wet she was. I felt my cock drip a glob of precum as I looked at her tiny cunt.
She looked over at me and my dumbfounded face.
“Mmm, what do you think? Is my pussy pretty enough?” she asked with fuck me eyes.
I swallowed.

“Its fucking perfect.. Jesus christ..” I answered.
She devilishly smiled.
“Mm good.”
At this point the porn was irrelevant.
“What do you say we turn off the laptop and just watch each other? I’m not going to lie, I rather watch you than the screen.” I stated.
“I think that’s a good idea…” she bit her lip.
I closed the laptop and pushed it to the side. I turned towards her a little and started stroking my cock again staring at her play with herself. She was carefully rubbing her clit, spreading her juices around. Her nipples were rock hard, poking hard through her top. I glanced up at them and stared for a few. She noticed.
“Mmm, might as well take this off too…” She said as she lifted her shirt off.
My jaw dropped.
They were definitely bigger. They were perfectly tanned and perky with tiny round nipples.
“Wow..” I said.
“They aren’t as big as Kate’s I know but I like them..” she stated.
“They are amazing.” I responded nearly drooling.
I took my shirt off too. I worked out a lot in college and had a 6 pack but since then I had stopped. Still, I was fit enough to be confident about it.
She just smiled as she watched.
There we were, both fully naked on the couch masturbating next to each other. The sexual tension through the roof. The room surrounded by the scent of our hormones. Ali spread her legs a little more to give me a better view and penetrated herself for the first time. Inserting two fingers in her pussy.
“Mmmm” she moaned.

I continued to stroke slowly, trying to avoid cumming. I could cum any second if I stroked too fast.
She picked up the pace, fucking herself with her fingers at this point. The sound of her wet pussy as she went in and out driving me crazy. I was starting to lose control. I wanted her more than anything.
I needed to touch her. I played it safe and made a move towards her boob. Cupping it with my hand, squeezing it lightly.
“Mmm Fuck Mike….” she moaned out.
I grabbed her nipples with my fingers and squeezed it gently, swirling it with my fingers.
“Mike… Fuck..I’m going to cum already..” she panted.
“Fuck, Ali.. cum. I want to watch.” She opened her mouth and began to breath heavy, fucking herself hard with her fingers. Her back arched off the couch and her pitch rose with her moans. I kept rubbing her nipples as she began to hit the peak of her orgasm. Just as she was cumming she grabbed my thigh. Squeezing at it as her orgasm crashed through her.
“Ahhh ahhh aaaaaa” She moaned with her mouth and eyes wide open. Without notice she tightly gripped my cock. The feeling of her hand tightly wrapped around my cock as she came was enough to make me blast. I clenched hard to avoid it as she began to stroke it hard. Finally her orgasm began to slow.
“Holy fuck Mike….. I came so fucking hard.” She let go of my cock panting.
“I’m sorry, I lost control while I was cumming..” she stated.
I stared at her, her hair sweaty, panting, I couldn’t resist. I dove for her mouth and began to kiss her. She grabbed my head and kissed back. Pushing her tongue in my mouth, swirling it around, making out uncontrollably. Her lips were so soft I could melt in them.
She reached back for my cock and started stroking it again and I reached down her legs. Her pussy was drenched, wetter than any girl I had ever felt before. I stuck my fingers in her and began to fuck her with them while we made out.
She broke off from the kiss.
“Ohh fuck Mike… I’m going to fucking cum again already…”
I began to kiss her neck, licking her, breathing hard against her while her moans increased again. It sounded like I was slapping a puddle with how wet she was.
“Mike, oh Mike… fuckkkkk” she moaned.
I got lower and started sucking on her tits. Nibbling on her nipple lightly.
She tightened her hand on my cock and she started to cum again. I felt her walls tighten against my fingers as her second orgasm rocked her.

“Ohhhh myyy fucking god…..” she released. “I have never came so hard Mike. I don’t know what you’ve done to me but I’ve never been more turned on in my life.. This is so wrong.”
I had never been more turned on either.
“Mm Ali, I know. I’m so turned on too.. And yes its wrong but fuck.. I can’t resist you.”
She looked over at me and started stroking my cock harder.
“Mmm, I want you to cum now… will you cum for your teenage sister in law?” she asked with her eyes begging for it.
“Oh fuck… yes please. I’m going to cum so hard.” I responded.
She leaned into me and gripped it with both hands. Stroking it, swirling it with her hands, rubbing all my precum around.

“Fuck you have such a nice cock. I can’t believe how big you are..”
Her complement alone could make me cum.
I leaned my head back starting to feel myself rise.
“Oh Fuck Ali… I’m getting close..”
She sped up some.
“Yes.. Cum for me Mike. Cum…” she ordered.
I clenched my ass as I reached those wonderful seconds before blasting.
“Oh Ali I’m cumming..” I moaned.
Without thinking about it she lunged forward and placed my cock in her mouth. Grabbing the shaft with her hands, bobbing up and down on it taking all my cum down her throat.
“FFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK” I released as she drained my balls in her mouth.
She pushed her head deeper, taking it all in. My warm ropes hitting the back of her throat. She took it nearly all in without gagging. Just her fist on the base of my shaft from taking it all.. She slurped and sucked on the head ensuring she didn’t waste a drip. My orgasm finishing up.
“Oh my God Ali… that was fucking unreal.” I exclaimed.

She took my cock out of her mouth and swallowed my entire load, licking her lips as she did it.
“Mm good, your cum was fucking delicious..”
We stared at each other, the reality of what happened settling in. Both panting.
“Well, I think we should go to bed now..” she stated.
I nodded.
She leaned over and gave me a wet kiss then whispered in my ear.
“I’m yours now..”

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