Mom and me, I fuck my mom

Mom and Me; I fuck her


It Begins

“Beverly, Beverly, what has happened to you?”

I was walking past the downstairs bathroom when I heard those words. As I could see the view from the few inches opening of the door, I could see my mother right in front of the mirror, but it was unintentional.

Mom was wearing clothes that would just hide her body parts appropriately and would work perfectly for work out. I could see how her pieces were hugging her tightly and pressing against the most desirable places as she was gaining pounds here and there. The thick meaty camel toe is something not to miss when she works out. she moved her hands through the curves of her stomach swiftly and sucked her lower lip while questioning at her untoned body. She watched my reflection as turned to me and I turned red because of my secretly peeping action.

“Christopher, what are you doing?” Mom asked.

I could not hide my laugh and told her sorry I just heard all the things. She laughed and I laughed back. I stepped inside and she asked me about the pornstar she looked like my father mentioned to her. I tried to ignore but she managed to bring an answer from my mouth and I said mom it’s ‘Alexis Fawx’.

She told me to keep the doors locked when I watch such stuff and let dad stay away from learning the new names through you, she laughed.

I told mom that you look fine, and do not worry about your weight. She smiled while patting my cheeks while I gazed at her green sparkly eyes. She replied I want to feel better and grab your father’s attention to me.

Later that night, I, my mother and father sat together to grab a few glasses of beer. Are you still modelling? Dad asked. What sort of work is that for a boy? Come and work with me in my auto shops.

Dad, I get 25 an hour and I don’t always go nude for that, I said. I don’t want to be a mechanic.

The night continued, we watched TV as Dad kept on changing the channels and only stopping when any younger-looking girl would show up on the screen, he would stop for a longer duration when the girl would be wearing the lesser number of pieces on her revealed body.

I left the room and said goodnight to Mom and Dad.

I admired every inch of my body when I was standing in front of the mirror in my room. I was eighteen, turning to be a version of my father. I decided to help mom from the other day.

I stripped down to just my boxers and was back to experience the new adventures of Alexis Fawx.


Returning in shape

Next day after coming back from class I found mom in her in-house art studio. I praised her from behind. She wore a fitted bodysuit, with her accentuated body parts which I tried to not linger my eyes on for longer.

While discussing her training for getting her back into shape, that I would love to help her with.

She kept on saying no to the gym. “Will you please stop cutting me off?” I came closer to my mother and placed my hands gently on her sides, above her hips and much below her perky breasts, I always do this way whenever I have to convince her.

“We can do our work out at home,” I told Mom.

No, I can’t. “I’m too old.”

“You are too young to handle”

Mom laughed. “Idiot, I’m thirty-eight.”

You would just need to work out a bit. We will start by stretching, then yoga and then we can go for the weights. 

“Alright, my baby, we will try,” Mom said. She dragged me slowly from her soft hands pressing them gently against my waist and pushed me away. Before asking me to leave, she drenched me with the warmth of her soft kiss by pressing her delicious lips against my cheek.

I left. The next day we started working out. she again was in her best attire, I tried to keep my eyes away from her body draped in her tightly hugging black yoga pants fitting just rightly at the right parts of her body, a white tank top tightly tugged at the curves of her breasts which were concealed by a black sports bra. We started with stretching, I guided her throughout the session yet I tried to maintain a distance of a few inches from her body. As her touch was so warm and cosy and I had to get control of my desires.

We walked after stretching. With her each step taken in the right direction, my mind lost its direction. I looked at her assets closely and it was getting hard to look away from them as each time her old big swinging breasts were grabbing my undivided attention; I skipped a heartbeat.

I told my assets to calm down as she is my mother.

We returned home but my thoughts were still about the warmth I get when I was with my Mom. I went upstairs to my room and reached for my laptop to watch Alexis Fawx.

The next morning Mom was dressed for yoga this time. I asked her to wear something good for yoga but I hoped for something good for my eyes as well. She was wearing coloured tights, showing the swell of her ass through it very delicately and her well fitted top revealing her sports bra was too good for making my morning.

We started with yoga, and I was helping her with her alignments. I was enjoying my hands on her buttocks and helping her move her body while giving me a warm touch. She was on a display for me for the entire hour and I watched her breasts as there was more movement in both of them. I couldn’t see her plunging nipples, I wondered they were hard and intact.

A few weeks later…

We continued stretching, yoga, walking for more days and with each passing day, I embraced all her body parts while helping her with her poses and movements.

Eventually, she improved, and my hands and touch were not needed much. Maybe she is taking help with the positions of my dad in their bed.Mom and me, I fuck my mom

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