Shared around the hot tub

Bella arrived at the lakehouse at around 6pm. Originally her husband was supposed to come but a work emergency took him away for the weekend and he’d insisted she could go alone. The trip was supposed to be her, her husband, three of his male friends, and one of their girlfriends. It was supposed to be relatively safe. Another woman would be there to give her some company at least.

She saw their three cars already at the house and parked off to the side. It was just one weekend so her bags weren’t too big. Just a few changes of clothes and one or two bikinis.

The door was unlocked so she let herself in and was met with surprised stares from the guys. Her husband had called them earlier and told them he couldn’t make it so they all assumed she wouldn’t be coming either. They had already made themselves comfortable, broken out copious amounts of beer, and gotten down to their swim trunks ready to head off to the hot tub. She had no idea why they were looking at her like that and just gave a cursory “Hi guys. Ben said he couldn’t make it but I could come anyways. Soooo let’s have fun this weekend!” The guys looked at each other and shrugged. They were expecting a guy’s weekend but it wasn’t a big deal to have a lady around.

That’s when Bella looked to Ian and asked “So where’s Sarah?”

“Oh uhh, well we kinda broke up.” Bella blinked her eyes in confusion a few times. So Sarah wasn’t coming? She was going to be surrounded by big stinky men all weekend? If only someone would shoot her now to put her out of her misery. She tried her best not to make it show in her expression but it was pretty obvious.

Oliver piped up “Hey we can still hang out. Let’s get you some beer!” To make it through this? She would definitely need to get drunk.

2 hours and 6 beers later Bella had gotten well and truly soused. All of them had. With the alcohol they all became more loose and relaxed and she found herself enjoying herself with these lumbering idiots. That’s when Hunter, the drunkest of them all jokingly said they should go skinny dipping in the hot tub. The other two guys raised up their glasses in a cheer and chugged the rest of their beer down before stripping down the last of their clothing.

Suddenly Bella was surrounded by cocks and she had no idea where to look. She blushed heavily and tried to cover her eyes before Ian drunkenly grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her along with the guys.

The hot tub was outdoors and there was a slight chill. Bella was only lightly dressed in a thin cotton blouse and some jeans and lightly shivered. The guys awkwardly walked their pasty asses over to the hot tub and quickly submerged themselves with gasps of pleasure as the water warmed their freezing bodies.

Hunter waved his hand in a come here gesture and called out to her. “Hey Bella what are ya doing? It’s freezing out. Come on in.” She was wearing her bikini underneath her clothes so it wouldn’t be too hard to join them but….joining a hot tub with three naked men? Even in her drunken state he was sure her husband wouldn’t approve. But the night was cold, and the guys were friendly enough. She had just spent the past 2 hours getting to know them so it wouldn’t be too weird. The alcohol also did it’s fair sure of encouraging her antics. So with a red face and an embarassed smile she shrugged off her clothing, tossed it off to the side and entered the hot tub with her bikini.

The guys hooped and hollered as she took her clothes off and she’d be lying if she said she didn’t like having a little extra attention. “Hah, I knew you were cool Bella.” “Ben sure knows how to pick em.” “Let’s keep the drinking going! WHOOO!!!” The guys did their part to make her comfortable and she found herself happy to be called the ‘cool’ wife. Before this they would make fun of her and Ben because she always liked to tag along on boys outings and she always felt a little like a nuisance. But now knowing that they genuinely wanted her around was pretty enjoyable. So she played her part and got even friendlier with them.

After a few minutes of idle chatting the guys got around to start hurling joking insults at one another. Oliver, the loudest one of the bunch, plucked up his courage and made a playful jab at her. “Ah look at you Bella. You’re such a rube. We’re skinny dipping here! Why do you still have your swimsuit on?” The guys laughed and Hunter added. “Come on guys, don’t be rude. She was raised Amish.” That brought on an even louder laugh before Ian, the de facto leader of the group, piped up. “Come on Bells, everyone here’s seen each other naked. We promise we won’t tell.” and finished with a wink.

Ian had a certain way with the ladies. He always had a different pretty girl on his arm and Bella disliked him for it, but after spending the evening with him she could see why women were always all over him. He was very charming. She found herself enjoying his company and wanting to be one of the guys. Again, alcohol played no small part here. She bawdily shouted “I’m not shy. Psh, it’s just a little skin.” Despite saying that her hands were trembling as she took off her bikini and tossed it outside the hot tub in a grand show.

The guys hooped and hollered like a bunch of animals. “Bella Maxwell! What a boss! WHOO WHOO WHOO!” They crowded around her and all fought to get her attention and to bring her into the conversation. Some of their questions were a little …. private, but they were friends now. It was fine right? She was super happy at being included so much, especially since they basically ignored her before.

After a little while the guys started to get a little handsy. They started asking about her breast size, her sex life, and all that. They didn’t do anything too far out. Just a little brush against her breasts when they were touching her shoulder. Ian was sitting right beside her and their legs touched. Hunter commented on how she must work out since she was so slim before putting his hands around her waist. Oliver talked about doing lots of squats and touched her thighs. Just innocent little things.

But as the night dragged on she had somehow ended up on Ian’s lap. She couldn’t even remember what he said, just that he made her feel so comfortable she just ended up listening to whatever he asked. She felt so relaxed and he made her laugh so much. God she really needed this. Her job was so stressful at times and her husband had a similarly stressful job so they didn’t get out much. Without her noticing Ian had been steadily feeling up her thighs and his hand was going higher and higher. Closer and closer to her … private area. His face was so close like he was ready to kiss her, and the weird part was she wanted to kiss him too. Her husband was the only man in her life and she never had a boyfriend before him, so she wasn’t used to dealing with men’s advances. She wanted to say no but she didn’t want to ruin the fun mood they were having. Plus a small part of her was kind of enjoying it too.

She put a hand on Ian’s chest to stop him and then turned her eyes to the side to indicate that people were watching. However the other two guys just smiled back with knowing smiles, telling her there was nothing to be shy about. Ian soothed her worries with the same thing he said earlier. “Don’t worry Bells. We promise we won’t tell.”

She continued to hesitate but Ian struck while the iron was hot and took her lips before she could say no. He really was very skilled. Even his kissing was lewd and made her chest feel warm. His fingers had also found a way to wriggle in between her thighs and began to gently massage her pussy. She let out a slight squeal and tried to push his chest again but he didn’t let her go. Soon enough her body was being overcome by pleasure as his tongue entwined around hers in a way that can only be described as tantalizingly erotic, and her pussy was being gradually loosened. Her legs had spread to give him more space to enter her. She immediately regretted it as Ian made a beeline for her g-spot. It’s as if he already knew where it was. She moaned around his tongue and the other two guys began to play with themselves while watching the show. One saving grace was that she was facing Ian and couldn’t see the other two doing it. Otherwise she would have gotten too embarrassed.

Just as she was at the peak of her pleasure Ian broke away from the kiss and just stared at her with this charming smile on his face. His hands were on her hips and began to guide them toward his cock. As soon as she felt something against her pussy a trace of shock flashed across her expression and she was about to say no, but Ian didn’t miss a beat and his cockhead soon penetrated her pussy. Ha ahhhhhhh She grit her teeth and moaned as the cock of a man who wasn’t her husband’s entered her. It was completely different from sex with her husband. Her pussy was tightening like mad and he just felt so much … bigger!

Bella’s switch had been flipped. Ian once more pressed his lips against hers and she greedily kissed him back. She had never been as turned on as she was right now. All reason flew out the window as she desperately pounded her hips against him like a bitch in heat. He didn’t even need to do anything. She was already too far gone to stop. Soon enough she felt his cock violently twitching and swelling inside her. She knew what it meant. He was about to cum. God! He didn’t even have a condom on! She was just about to pull away when his hands went down to squeeze her ass and held her close to him. She knew what he wanted. And what Ian wanted, he would get. He pulled her as tightly as possible and in the next moment she felt her insides warm up like crazy as his cock twitched and spurted his white hot cum inside her. The feeling of being creampied was incredible. She had never done it with her husband as they always used condoms and she was getting drunk on the feeling.

The stimulation soon became too much and she came together with him, tightly squeezing his cock as her pussy greedily slurped up every last drop of his cum. Soon enough he had had enough and his cock started to soften, and with it so did Bella’s lust. She pulled off him and made her way to the restroom to go clean up, or at least she would have if Hunter hadn’t grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into his lap. “Hey, wait. I-” She started to protest but Hunter covered her mouth with his lips. As soon as she felt the thick slab of man-meat poking at her entrance her lust came back with a vengeance and she melted in his embrace. Hunter was a little shorter than Bella so his face was roughly level with her breasts. As soon as she stopped resisting her broke off the kiss and went to sucking on her nipples instead.

She had no idea her nipples were so hard as Ian hadn’t touched them at all. But now that Hunter was sucking her so fiercely she finally realized how desperately she wanted them to be played with and hugged his head close to her chest as he sucked, nibbled, and licked them. It gave her so much pleasure. It was only polite to return the favor right?

So she lowered her hips and began to take his cock inside her using her own juices and Ian’s cum as lube. Yet another raw cock, and it was even more amazing than the last! When she finally took him in fully she noticed that Hunter’s cock was a little shorter than Ian’s but far thicker. He made her feel so full, and when he moved his hips in tune with her he went as deep as Ian did. After having been fucked twice she was far less shy and her moans became louder and louder.


Sex was….so…AMAZING! Soon enough Hunter had his turn and blew his load inside her as well. Her pussy had learned from the last experience and began to spasm like mad to suck out every last drop of his cum. She had already been creamed once. Another one wouldn’t change much.

She pulled off of Hunter but she knew what was coming for her next. She wasn’t going to get away from at least one more. She turned to the side and looked at Oliver with a cock drunk daze before obediently crawling over to his side and taking her position on top of him. But Oliver was a show off, and this would be no different.

He turned her around with her ass facing him and her facing the other two guys before inserting his cock into her sloppy wet hole. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as he sheated his entire cock all the way down to the hilt inside her. He was the biggest of them all! With Ian’s length and Hunter’s girth he made her feel so full she was sure she couldn’t possibly take a cock bigger than his. Normally she wouldn’t be able to, but after being loosened up by the other two she was loose enough to take him now. It was only now that she was looking at the other guys that she saw them jerking themselves off. Was that what they were doing the whole time? She was becoming their entertainment and the thought made her blush but also made her a little…turned on?

She tried to cover her face but Oliver wouldn’t let her. He grabbed her arms and held them behind her so the other guys could see everything. Her embarrassed lewd face, her bouncing tits, her tight pussy taking a monster cock, all of it. Oliver wasted no time as her fucked her senseless. Each thrust felt like his cock was jabbing the pleasure center of her brain directly. Her tongue lolled uselessly and her eyes rolled up into her head. But even with her eyes rolled up she could see the guys jerking off watching her get fucked. She was becoming their sex toy. And the worst part was she was enjoying it. She had never had sex with another man before her husband and now she was having THREE!

In one tiny moment of clarity while having her brain turned to mush Bella had a thought. Her husband’s cock was the smallest out of his friends. What a shame. If she had any of these cocks instead she could have been having much more sex!

Sex! Cock! Fuck! Good! Yes! Cum! Fuck! Se-! Co-! Fu-! Ye-! Cu-!

Soon enough she couldn’t even make full words in her own mind. It was in this empty state that her mind was soon filled with the thought of cum as Oliver poured all the semen from his heavy balls inside her and she finally remembered one word. “Cum……….ming!”

She was dead to the world. She didn’t even remember her own name. Her body leaned uselessly against Oliver’s as she remembered only one thing. “Cumming.”

Ian spoke up first. “I’m ready for another round.”

Hunter joined him. “Me too.” ( Images Here )

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