A bath with my best friend

“Baths ready.” I heard echo out of the bathroom.

“Thankyou.” I mumbled, getting up from the bed, slower this time.

The bath was aromatic, full of bubbles and looked so peaceful. I leaned against the door frame closing my eyes.

“Cat, are you going to be ok in there?” He questioned softly.

“I’m fine!” I snapped back to reality. I was aware of my stubborn determination to be self sufficient, especially after having panic attack.

“It’s ok to need help.” Again the soft tone of his voice irked at my independence.

“I’m fully capable of having a bath, what are you going to do? join me? It’s ok, I’ve got this.” I said trying and failing to unzip the back of my dress.

“If that’s what it takes to know your ok? Then yes.” he replied as he lifted my hair and unzipped the dress for me, sliding it off my shoulders. The brush of his hands felt soft against my skin, giving me goose bumps.

If I hadn’t just burnt out all my brains reserves of adrenalin having a panic attack, I’m positive my mind would have been running at a thousand miles an hour, but for the first time in a long time, it wasn’t. I was entirely focused on the basic things – like how relaxing the bath looked and how good it would feel to wash my face and hair. I still had some wits about me, as romantic as the concept of having a bath together was, and despite how my body was reacting to the idea, I wasn’t necessarily in the right headspace for anything intimate; I tried to make that thought process clear. 

“It can’t be anything. But, yeah, I’d appreciate the company. I don’t really want to be alone right now.” I offered honestly, “but you can’t look.”

“I know.” He sighed, “Not like this, this is not how I ever imagined it Cat, I sincerely just want to make sure you’re ok.”

“Not like this… ?” I repeated what he said. My brain and heart took a double take as I stared up at him. He’d thought about it, he’d thought about us. “OK, I’m not looking.” He turned around, embarrassed.

I slipped out of my clothes and slowly hopped into the bath. It was gigantic, so full of bubbles. The water sitting almost at my shoulders, I was able to easily sit sideways with my knees up to my chest.

“OK, you can look.”

“Aw you look so small.” he noted, sitting next to the bath.

“I thought you were going to join me?”

“Ah, it’s ok, I’ll just keep you company, I really want to let you have space.” He reached and scooped up a handful of bubbles, placing them on my head “Cat in a hat.”

I took a hand full of bubbles and blew into it, spraying him with them, he laughed and sighed.

I turned to lie and stretch out in the bath, considering I had it all to myself, I thought it best to make the most of it. He leaned against the tub and played videos on his phone to keep us both amused, occasionally splashing me.

“You know you actually need to wash yourself in the bath?” he joked.

My eyes fluttered open and shut again, “Im just so tired, you said to relax.” I twisted his words to fit my agenda.

“Come on, wake up!”  he splashed my face.

“No, you wake up.” I lazily splashed him back.

“We can’t hide in here all day.” Splash.

“You can’t hide in here all day,” I splashed him again “This is my home now.”

“I thought Cats hated water.” Splash.

“It’s a myth, I’m a purrmaid now” I stretched out, enjoying my terrible pun and attempting to ignore the barrage of water attacks.

He splashed me just for the bad joke, he sat there looking a little angry and wet “That’s it! Cat-tatonic, you can’t stay in there forever.” he got up and left the room.

“I can and I will!!” I yelled after him.

I didn’t feel bad about it at all. I lied back again, closing my eyes and enjoying the peace, trying desperately not to accidentally fall asleep.  

He sauntered back a few minutes later wearing a towel. With all the photos and videos he’d sent me over the years I’d never actually seen him shirtless. I drank it in for a minute, his shoulders and arms were my favourite part, muscular with full sleeves of tattoos.

“Hey, hey, hey, no looking.” he laughed and I covered my face with my hands, clearly still looking. “Cat, I don’t really like my body, please?”

“OK, ok, ok, just saying, I don’t see why.” I turned away from him, this was difficult, I could have stared for decades, etching his physique into my mind like stone.

“Now schooch over,” he demanded, “If you’re never getting out, I’m getting in.”

I moved forward in the bath and he stepped in, sitting behind me, making the water rise and splash a little over the edge.

“OK, you were right, this is pretty relaxing. Well, pretty and relaxing.”

I looked back and smiled at him, he always got to me with his sneaky compliments. 

“Alright now, come here” he said, I backed up little so I was sitting between his legs but not fully against him, I felt a sudden cold on my head.

“What are you…?”

He was washing my hair, I was confused but ok with it.

“Since you’re determined to just sit and do nothing, we’ll be here for ever, so I’ll do it.” He started to massage the shampoo into my hair, It was a nice feeling, I’d only had hair dressers ever do this and it wasn’t like they actually got in a bath with you. It felt so intimate and caring, his hands massaging my tired head. I was close to melting down the drain with the water at that point, I was so at peace. I certainly didn’t expect him to randomly blast the conditioner out with the shower head set to cold.

I screamed and turned awkwardly in his lap “You bastard!”

He was just smiling that dumb fucking smile that he always used to get away with anything. I put my knees on his legs to gain purchase and grabbed his throat lightly. I suddenly noticed he was looking down, not at my face. In my attempt to be threatening, I was giving him a full view of my breasts, nipples perky as the cold water dripped down my body. Something about the way I’d grabbed him dominantly stirred something inside me, something I didn’t know was there.

“If this is how I die I’m 100% fine with it.” he gleamed.

“Ah, you pervert.” I teased, dropping back down into the water and turning my back to him quickly. Deflecting my own thoughts yet still sitting between his legs again, choosing to be closer this time.

“hey, I did nothing.”


He got a loofa and started scrubbing my back gently

“This is kinda weird right?” I said thinking aloud, my brain starting to work again.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Not at all, but I mean, we’ve sorta just met.”

“We’ve been friends for eight years.” He said defensively.

“Online though.” I reminded him. “So have you bathed chris?” I was referring to one of our mutual male friends.

“No, but he’s never refused to get out of a bathtub before, I guess this is a new one.” he laughed. “Arm up.”

I raised my arm, he glided the loofa up and down, washing it, then proceeded down the side of my body, grazing my breast and hip.

“Other one.”

Same thing again, one of his hands had snaked its way to resting on my waist, I wasn’t sure why it was so intensely comfortable but also so present in my mind. All the physical touch in such a gentle caring manner was turning me on a lot more then I expected.

“Do you want to do the rest? Or do you want me to?” He questioned, it had become apparent the next parts would be very intimate. I slid back against him so my back was on his chest.

“Is it weird I’m enjoying this? this is so relaxing and..” I paused, changing my thought pattern “I can do it if you don’t want to?”

“Not weird at all, I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I’m so glad your feeling better” he pulled my waist towards him so I was fully pressed against him for a hug. His body felt good against mine, his arms felt strong wrapped around me. The bubbles, the water, all adding an extra layer of sensation. I knew he was being kind but it was impossible to not notice that he was absolutely turned on, I could feel him so hard against my back.

“Seems like your feeling pretty good yourself.” I giggled.

“Hey, I really can’t help it, it doesn’t have to mean anything. I just, can’t…” he paused for a moment to collect his words “I cant control what my body feels with you naked. Just ignor it, I promised I wouldn’t do anything but help you.”

“I think I understand the feeling.” I sighed quietly to myself.


“Nothing… you missed a spot.” I said handing him the loofa again.

He slowly washed my shoulders and collar bone, then skipped to my waist and stomach, he started mirroring what he was doing with his hand on one side, loofa in the other and occasionally swapping.

It was slow and sensual, it felt like he was exploring my body. At a leisurely pace he moved to my legs and thighs, stopping just short of anything to intimate.

I knew it wasn’t intentional, but it felt like teasing and it was driving me wild, I could tell how wet I was even in the water. I was aware of my pulse in my pussy as he ran his hands up my inner thighs. I could feel his cock getting even harder, I wasn’t sure that was possible when I had first lied back against him.  

He moved his hands up to my breasts, finally. I wiggled my ass, just a little, back into him. I was testing the waters, feeling his cock twitch against me, his breathing got heavier and faster. He slowly caressed my breasts, at first appearing to wash them but after a minute had past and his hands still lingered, I was sure he was just enjoying them.

“I don’t mind at all.” I said, wanting to give him some confirmation that I was enjoying the attention to detail, I  leant my head back against his chest and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation. He let the loofa go and slid his hands around, slowly squeezing and massaging my chest. Letting his fingers glide over my nipples, which were getting harder at his touch. He intermittently pinched each one, I moaned a little, not intending to, but rather unable to controll it. His hands started to take turns at exploring more of my body.

“You’re really beautiful and soft, you feel amazing.” he sighed in my ear.

In a lot of ways I wanted it to stop but I also couldn’t seem to say no. I was so heavily conflicted between my attraction and fear of the level of intensity. I’d always been scared of Henry in that way, I always felt like I’d die of thirst without his attention, but I also felt like I’d drown in the emotion attached to it. He had, and probably always would be ‘The one’, as stupid as that sounded. He wasn’t the guy I imagined fucking without strings attached, he was so much more to me. He came with the dream of the life after, the simple life; full of laughter and light. We’d spent eight years talking everyday, never tiring, never losing interest. He was always a passing ship in the night, one of us always in a relationship, the unobtainable and that felt so safe. However, right now, we were both alone, together. Everything about him felt so right, his hands on my body, his presence, the way we fit together so well, just lying on him watching TV or even now, in the bath, it just felt so much like I was a part of him and he was a part of me.

I tensed up and he felt it, he stopped touching me instantly.

“Evelyn, are you ok?” He didn’t say Cat, he used my actual name not the nickname everyone called me.

“I just…” I turned in the water, sitting up and slipping my legs over his to face him, “Can we do this?”

“Only if you want to?” He looked at me puzzled.

“I mean, with you? can it be casual? Isn’t it always going to be more?”

“Cat, it can mean whatever you want it to, or I can stop right now if you want and I’ll go get dressed. You know how I’ve always felt about you, but also, I respect you. It can just be fun, if that’s all you want at the moment. I’ve never been able to do this kind of thing without the connection, but I already have that with you and nothing will ruin that. All I can think in this moment is that fucking you would feel right, for once Cat, don’t overthink.”

I stared at him intensely. Was he just saying what I wanted to hear? Am I going to hurt him? am I going to hurt us? This is the type of thing that’s going to invoke a few days worth of reckless behaviour from me and I was well aware of my patterns.

“I really want to,” I admitted “my body is screaming at me to, but, I don’t want to hurt you.” I was watching his face intently for any sign that this could be wrong.

“I rather be hurt 1000 times then never feel you,” he put his hands back on my hips starting to pull me down onto his lap. “I need to know what it feels like to be inside you, I need to watch your perfect body bounce, I need to see your face as you feel me inch by inch, I don’t care about myself right now. I need to know what it feels like to make you cum.”

Fuck, he knew how to talk when he wanted to. He knew what was in my head and he knew how I felt. He also knew I wasn’t going to back down now. I hated that he knew me. I couldn’t help myself, I managed to lie to myself in that moment, maybe it could just be fun, maybe it wouldn’t have an effect on the dynamic of our friendship.

We’d talked a lot about sex with the distance keeping us safe, some nights spent exchanging fantasies, messages and videos. I knew everything about what he wanted, the magic words that would tip the scales for him, and he knew everything about how my body worked and what I might do. We both knew I was far more experienced, him only having a few sexual partners in the past worried me, but not enough to stop me. The logical part of my brain had shut down. I needed to be the dominant one here, I needed to show him. He could talk smoother then I ever could, but I could use my body.

“Cat we don’t have to- ” I cut him off and grabbed his throat, I enjoyed that feeling earlier, I wanted to try it again. I pulled myself to him and kissed him deeply, his hand raised to mine in shock but he relented and kissed me back.

I kneeled over him and used my other hand to stroke his hard cock under the water. His hands slid across my body, I’m not sure he knew what to do with my sudden assault on his senses. I felt him moan into my kiss as I moved my hand up and down the length of his shaft, taking my time to rub slowly around his head, feeling it twitch in response. I released my grip off his neck and used my hand to move his hands to my ass which was hovering over him, he seemed to follow the motions amazingly. I continued to stroke his cock, surprised that it was larger then I expected.  

I climbed further onto him sliding the head of his cock gently up and down, from my entrance to my clit, as I kept up the motion of sliding my hand up and down his shaft. He was starting to put pressure on my hips, begging to get inside me each time I slid up and down on him. The wetness of my cunt so different to the water of the bath. I teased him with each movement as I used his dick as a toy for my own stimulation, I wanted him to force me down onto it, he seemed to yield finally, grabbing my hips properly and pulling me onto him, inch by inch.

I’d been turned on for the entire bath, I felt so swollen and as he forced his way in we both gasped, breaking the passionate kiss, locked into inhaling each others breath. By the time he was fully sheathed inside of me I was almost shaking, he fit so well, I wasn’t going to last long at all. I kissed him again, biting his lip and wrapping an arm around his shoulders.  

I started riding him like my life depended on it, like every groan he made brought me closer to an edge I was ready to fall off a thousand times. I grinded harder against him, wanting to be so full I would never need to be fucked again, and it worked so well, up and down, him enjoying my bubble covered breasts as they bounced in his face. I felt the familiar build up of my orgasm coming on as I rode harder and faster. I gripped him tighter as my pussy clenched around his cock, unable to keep my mouth shut I let out a very audible moan of pleasure, I leant back enjoying the after shocks of my orgasm.  

He seemed to be enjoying the expression on my face before he got a serious look, grabbing my hips harder then before and using my body. He was stronger then I expected, I wasn’t doing any of the work anymore, just enjoying feeling him lift me and pull me back down onto him as the water splashed around us and his face started to tense. I slid my hand back under water to rub my clit, if he was coming, I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to come again with him. It wasn’t hard for me to get close again, he was so focused, grunting and fucking me hard, I was loving the view, the way his arms and body tensed, the focus on his face, the way he threw his head back, moving me like I weighed nothing, grinding his hips up to mine.  

I knew what would get him there, from every fantasy he’d sent me and I knew he’d fucking love it and hate it.

“You have to pull out, I’m not on birth control.” I teased at him, he agreed and started going harder then before, I could feel him twitching inside me, I knew I was going to cum when he did. I wrapped my arms around him and started fucking him back again, our hips meeting. He was starting to shake, he stopped suddenly.

“I’m going to cum, I have to stop.” He gasped, I knew what we both wanted to hear. I grabbed his throat again and held onto his back as tight as I could, continuing to grind against him as deeply as I could.

“Don’t you fucking dare, I’m not letting go, you’re going to fill me or we’ll never do this again.”

His eyes lit up with a touch of fear and excitement as he gave in, finally thrusting back knowing that I needed his seed, it only took a moment and I felt him explode inside me, shooting layer after layer of warm cum into me. My body fucking loved it, exploding into an orgasm that just kept clenching for what felt like minutes around his cock as it pulsed.

I let my grip loosen as I let my head fall against his, having an exhausted giggle, he smiled and laughed with me, wrapping his arms around my body and occasionally thrusting to see my face as we recovered our breath.

“You can’t do that or I’m going to need to cum again” I breathed, trying to lift myself off him, he held me down.

“Do it.” he whispered with an evil grin, I started to grind on him softly, it wasn’t going to take much. He leant me back and watched me, finally using his fingers to rub my clit, as my breasts bounced freely and he met each of my thrusts again, he was watching me so intimately but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was happening again, I gasped and held his arms tightly as I shuddered with another orgasm. He seemed so pleased with himself, kissing me again softy down my neck.

“You’re mine,” he whispered, moving my hair from my face “My good little cum slut.”

The language surprised me, but more in a way that I enjoyed. We both got out of the bath and wrapped ourselves in towels.  

The bathroom was completely flooded, I giggled and bent to pick up my wet clothes. I felt his hand lift my towel at the back as I did, still bent over I looked back at him confused.

“Just admiring my work” he smiled that damn smile again, it always amazed me how confident men got after you fulfilled a fantasy. I moved into a presenting pose and let him enjoy the view of his cum dripping from my pussy for a moment, he slicked his finger up and down my slit.

“hey, no touching unless your prepared to finish the job again.”

He kept going, sliding his fingers back and forth over my clit before sliding his fingers inside of me, pushing his dripping cum back in. This man was determined to make sure I couldn’t think for a week.

But that’s when we heard a knock at the door. [ OTHER PARTS HERE ]

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