The Wrong Bed

Fuck, the party had been a hit. Everyone had raved about how great the night was and Rory now felt like an overnight school celebrity.

But still he was lying in bed alone.

He’d hoped the hype of his party might have got him laid, or at least a handjob like Austin had promised it would.

Yet here Rory was, alone in bed, whilst Austin got to fuck his girlfriend Annie all night.

Fuck, Annie! Rory always thought she was a goddess. He teased Austin about how hot his girlfriend was but what he didn’t tell him was that he woke up most mornings with a rock hard cock from dreaming about her.

Rory had accepted sleeplessness when he heard a door creak open and closed. He hated how noisy this house was; you could hear every time someone was going to the toilet. Rory had no idea who it was, he’d let plenty of people stay the night and he honestly wasn’t really bothered, he just wanted to doze off and erase the image of Annie bouncing on Austin’s cock from his mind.

He was almost successful when he heard the door to his bedroom quietly creak open. He froze, worried someone might have left the front door unlocked downstairs, until he felt his covers pull and somebody slip into his bed.

‘What the fuck?’ He thought as they rustled around in the sheets. He was about to tell them to fuck off when he felt a body press against his.

A whiff of perfume wafted his way.

Fuck. Annie.

She nestled herself snuggly against him, her back against his chest, her ass against his crotch. He could feel the satin of her little shorts rubbing against his thighs.

Rory’s mind went wild and his cock soon followed. He felt it swell in his boxers, pressed tightly against Annie’s ass.

“Ooh!” She giggled quietly, and then began to wiggle her ass against him.

Rory thought he might cum right then. His cock became trapped between her ass cheeks and the motion of her hips pulled his foreskin back and forth. He could literally feel the precum ooze from his cock.

Should he say something? His buddy was in the other room possibly waiting for his girl.

Before he could make his mind up he felt Annie reach down and begin to pull her pj shorts off. Rory dared to copy and released his cock from his pants.

That was when he felt her bare ass push against him.

‘Fuckkkkkkkk’ he thought as she teased his cock with her ass, and without thinking he reached around to grab her boobs.

Annie moaned lightly. Her back arched and her ass shifted, and then a hand gently pulled Rory’s cock until it was gliding along the folds of her pussy.

“What are you waiting for?” Annie purred.

Rory didn’t know. And he wasn’t about to waste time. He grabbed his cock and lined himself up, then with a push he slid himself inside of his best friend’s girlfriend.

Annie moaned as he pushed himself deep into her. “Austin, your cock feels so big, what’s got you so horny?”

Austin? Rory froze, his balls pressed against Annie.

“Annie?” He tried.

She freaked, just like he expected. “Rory, what the fuck?” She tried to pull away but he instinctively held her in place.

“You asked me to! I thought you wanted to?”

“I thought you were Austin!” He could tell she was going to speak again so he thought he’d test the waters and he began to rock his hips. Instead she just gasped.

“I’m sorry, I thought you’d come onto me. We can stop?”

Annie was quiet as he slowly fucked her. Sure he would stop if that’s what she wanted, but he was damn well going to try and persuade her to take his cock. Her pussy was so wet he couldn’t help but keep his cock buried as long as possible. Your cock feels so big,” was all she could manage for a while, and Rory took this as green light to continue. “Wait!”

Rory gritted his teeth and readied himself to pull out.

“Maybe if you ‘forced’ me I wouldn’t feel so bad?”

“If you don’t want to -“ he began but she cut him off.

“No, I think I do. But I need you to take it from me.”

Annie didn’t need to say another word. Rory pushed a pillow under her and rolled her so she was on her front. Then he laid on top, his body weight pressing her into the bed, and wrapped his arms around her chest.

As his cock slipped back into her pussy he kissed her neck. He began to thrust, burying every inch of his cock into her, and listened to her desperate moans. He could feel the wetness on the pillow from where her pussy had soaked through and he had to bite his lip to keep himself from cumming. It was hard not to when there was an audible slap from wet skin on wet skin. Annie’s moans picked up as he began to fuck harder and Rory caught a glimpse of her eyes rolling back, her mouth gaping open.

“Are you going to take this cock?” He whispered in her ear and she nodded with a whimper. “Are you going to let your boyfriend’s buddy fuck you?”

“Yeah,” she whimpered and he felt her push back. Rory lifted himself slightly and began to fuck her harder. Her body jolted with each thrust but he didn’t care, his cock felt like heaven buried inside her.

“Say my name,” Rory demanded.

“Rory! Oh Rory,” Annie moaned.

“Louder. If anyone is awake I want them to hear.”

Annie was hesitant so he put more pressure into his thrusts. “Fuck! Rory!” She eventually squealed in delight.

Rory hadn’t felt like this before. His mind was feral as he barebacked her tight hole. “Tell me how much you love him,” Rory growled. Annie’s gasps stopped and he worried he’d taken it too far.

“I… I love him… so much,” her statement was a broken squeal and Rory felt her tense and shudder. “I’m cumming so hard,” she moaned loudly, enough to surely wake whoever was in the neighbouring room.

Rory wrapped a hand round her mouth. “You don’t want to wake anyone do you?”

Annie shook her head and shook the last wave of her orgasm off. She began to wriggle and Rory released his pressure on her.

“I’m going on top,” she said bluntly.

Rory didn’t need convincing. He slowly slid his cock out, lingering so the tip rubbed the tight entrance of her hole, and then flipped onto his back. Annie wasted no time in following, moments later her legs were straddled either side of him.

He felt his cock slide back into its place and he nearly shot his load when he noticed Annie staring directly into his eyes with a hungry look on her face. She began to rotate her hips quickly and Rory’s eyes rolled at the feel of her smooth pussy twisting and pulling his dick.

He clutched at her breasts as she rode him, her pace quickening, and thought of Austin snoring alone in his bed.

There was a sudden rush of sensitivity in his bellend and Rory gasped. “Fuck I’m gonna cum.”

When she didn’t move he tried to lift her, worried she hadn’t heard him, but she just rode him faster.

“Fuck,” he groaned. Then his cock began to pump harder than he’d ever known. The tip throbbed with pleasure as shot after shot of cum exploded into Annie’s pussy. “Fuck!”

Annie giggled and continued to tease his cock a bit longer before lifting herself up. She sat beside him and massaged his balls whilst he caught his breath.

“Night, Rory.” She eventually said and gave the tip of his cock a slow, wet kiss. “I’m going to fuck my boyfriend now.” [ Some images available here ]

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