Hooked up with a DILF I met at Costco, and he made me squirt in his mouth

I’ve always been the good girl. I was raised in a strict religious family, and it was ingrained into my head from the time I could walk to marry a nice man and be a good mom and wife. So just as my parents wanted I met and married a nice guy, at the ripe age of 18. I gave him my virginity, got pregnant soon after. We went on to have another child a few years later.

My husband is a good-looking person. But he doesn’t put a lot of effort into himself or his health. So although I love him, I didn’t feel attracted to him a lot. Regardless, I was a good wife and stayed faithful. Well until I accidentally found the pictures and emails from a woman he had been fucking…

He was so sorry. ‘She seduced him etc.’ We worked on things, and we’re in a better place. But I told him I wanted to have a few experiences of my own. So he agreed. He just asked I be careful and don’t tell him about it.

I had my first hookup a few weeks later. It was ok, not extraordinary. After that I didn’t have high hopes on having a better experience.

But then, I was in Costco one day and saw someone about 20 feet away. He looked familiar and I thought I knew him, so I was staring a bit. But then I realized he was looking at me too so I felt embarrassed and quickly walked away.

I checked out and low and behold guess who was parked just a few cars down. Yep him haha. He noticed me, and waved so I waved back. I realized he wasn’t anyone I knew, but damn he was fine. He was in his late forties, was graying a bit, but definitely one of the hottest ‘older’ men I’ve ever seen. He was well dressed, had amazing biceps and was very confident, which was super hot. ‘Hey’ I said, and he walked over to me.

‘Hello, I hope this is ok to ask, but what is your name? Cause I just had to tell you, you’re absolutely stunning.’

I kinda laughed, ‘Thank You. You’re not so bad yourself’.

I was in a hurry so after some small talk I offered my number and told him to text me. He agreed, and I left. We started texting and he wanted to do dinner, but I told him a bit of my situation and suggested something more casual. We set a night, and I got all cute, put on a cute little dress and black boots, and didn’t wear any panties.

I had butterflies in my stomach and didn’t know what to expect. But when I arrived I opened my car door and stood up, he smiled so big and just said ‘DAMNNN. Wow you are beautiful. How is this happening?!’. He was so genuine and nice, it was such a confidence boost and I quickly felt at ease with him.

We walked around a bit, and he put his arm around my shoulders. Soon we headed back to his place. It was nearly dark, and as we stood under the porch light he pulled me against him, lifted my chin and kissed me. He smelled so good and tasted amazing. I was so wet.

We walked into his room and I sat on the bed. He sat next to me, and suddenly he wasn’t so cool and collected. (I’d told him i liked it rough so we already discussed boundaries etc) He grabbed me and hungrily kissed me. Then he ran his hands down my body, feeling my tits and lower back. He rubbed down my thighs and slowly lifted my skirt. When he saw I wasn’t wearing any panties he got so excited lol. He squeezed my ass cheeks, and his fingers made their way to my hot aching pussy…all while he kept eye contact with me. He took his time, but Finally he ran his finger down my slit and let out an approving ‘mmm. you’re so wet for me’.

I was literally dripping at that point. He moved down between my legs, kissing my thighs, then ran his tongue up and down my cunt, licking up my juices. He obviously knew what he was doing and didn’t mess around. After a few minutes I wanted to return the favor, so I got down on my knees in front of him and took his entire cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the tip, licked up his shaft, squeezing his balls gently, while he looked at me like the happiest man in the entire world. He face fucked me nice and hard until I was gagging and had tears in my eyes. I loved sucking his cock. He had the best reactions to whatever I did, which turned me on even more.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I was still wearing my black lacey bra with a front clasp, and I made a little show as I removed it. He loved it and took one nipple in his mouth as he played with the other. He quickly realized I was lactating and grinned a bit shyly, ‘I like it; is that weird’? I assured him it wasn’t and to keep going. He sucked on them some more and holy fuck it was such a turn on. I didn’t want him to stop.

He pushed me on to the bed, and whispered ‘I’ve got to have you now’. His cock was a good size, 7 inches at least, and it felt fucking amazing as he thrust into me. He fucked me hard for a few minutes, then pushed a finger into my ass which made me even more aroused. I flipped over so he could take me from behind. And Oh my god. It felt so good. He pulled my hair as he pounded into me, ‘fuck you’re so tight baby omg, I better slow down’.

I laid on my back, he leaned over me, and as he pushed his cock inside my pussy me he said ‘oh hi there’, with the sexiest grin. I swear to god that is the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced. I can’t explain it but chefs fucking kiss He pounded me a bit longer, but started to be more gentle right before he came.

I tried to get up to leave, but we kept kissing and talking, I couldn’t let go of him. He was the perfect mix of sexy and caring.

‘I want to give you something to remember me by’ and he moved down and ate my pussy again. It was a nice surprise. He pushed his fingers into me and roughly fingered my pussy while his tongue circled my clit. I was so turned on, and started to squirt all over him. He kept his tongue in place, holding me down as he tasted me and I moaned and shook with each orgasm. I came at least 5 times, I didn’t even know I was capable of it. His bed was soaked by the time he was done. My legs were so shaky and I wanted to fall asleep right then and there next to him, in our mess. But unfortunately I had to leave.

He walked me to my car, opened my door and kissed me again, once I was inside. Then he told me to drive carefully and text him when I got him so he knew I was safe, which was really cute. When I got home he texted ‘I can’t wait to have you again.’ The feeling was mutual. [PART THREE]

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