A morning shower with my sister

I pulled my pillow over my head hoping for a few more minutes of precious sleep as my sisters alarm blared from across the hall. The all to familiar sound announced to the entire house that it was 5:30AM. I heard the soft sounds of shuffling as she struggled in the dark to silence her ringer. Finally, after an agonizingly long amount of time, she managed to snooze it before plopping it back down on her nightstand and continuing her slumber like nothing had even happened.

Dawn hadn’t yet begun to show through my curtains but I know that as soon the suns unforgiving rays peeped through, it would be the end to whatever hope of sleep I had left. I had just started to doze off when her alarm pierced the silence yet again jerking me fully awake. She silenced it and and once again I heard no sounds that implied she had any intention of getting up. I was now fully awake and my bedside alarm clock read 5:45. I wasn’t supposed to be up for another fifteen minutes but here I was staring into the darkness and listening to the muffled sounds my parents morning routine.

Tossing off the sheets, I looked down and standing tall in front of me was my fully erect cock. It begged to be played with. Hell, I had a little time on my hands before school and an internet full of porn, so why not?

I reached down and grabbed hold of myself. My morning erections were always the stiffest which resulted in them being the hardest to hide. This little playtime would be just enough to get me through the morning.

I stroked up and down the length of my shaft. It felt as good as always. After a few minutes using my imagination, I finally gave in and decided I preferred some help to really finish the job.

As I unlocked my phone, I noticed that more time had passed than I had originally thought. It was now five minutes til six and my sister, Sarah, still hadn’t even gotten out of bed. At this point It was practically my turn in the bathroom so I decided I would take care of business in the shower and just continue my morning routine afterwards.

I shuffled in the darkness into the hallway and down the hall to the bathroom. All the while my cock was tucked into my waistband just in case any wondering parents were to stumble out early for coffee or a morning bagel. I slipped quietly into the bathroom and closed the door behind me before turning on the light and dropping my pants. I admired myself in the mirror and noted how anyone would surely regard me as a catch with my golden locks and patchy stubble. I stood six feet tall and very slender. Fit for my age, but not really muscular. My pride wasn’t my facial features or muscles though, it was something a bit more private.

Oversized might even be an understatement. I had seen other guys at school in the locker rooms and they weren’t even close to matching what I had. Hell, even a lot of the porn stars I had seen online seemed to be a bit smaller than me. It was my pride and joy and I couldn’t wait to show my girlfriend. As soon as I got one.

I reached down and grabbed my cock with both hands. One hand at the base and the other directly adjacent to that one and it still didn’t cover the entire thing.

The cold air from the hall was rolling in from under the door and it made me shiver a bit. I walked over to the shower and turned the nob. The jets sprung to life and the water began to flow. Not long after steam filled the room and I ran my hand under the water to see if it was an acceptable temperature. Satisfied, I stepped into the shower and felt the hot water rush down my chest, over my groin and to my legs. I leaned into water and let it cover my back as I reached out and grabbed myself. Slowly I began stroking to the thought of the porn I had seen the previous night.

My sisters bedroom was adjacent to the bathroom so I heard her shout “Shit” very clearly. Frantically she banged around her room for a few minutes. She never would learn would she?

Her bedroom door opened and I listened as she walked quickly down the hall toward me. I froze and she entered the bathroom. “Hey! I’m in here!” I shouted weakly trying to ensure the curtain was fully closed.

“Yeah well you’ve been in here long enough. Hurry up or I’m going to be late for class.” her sleepy morning voice said followed by a loud yawn.

“That is not my fault,” I said flatly. “I always get the shower at six. You supposed to be up, showered, and putting on makeup by now.”

Peeping though the curtains I could see Sarah standing in the doorway in her purple, silk pajama pants. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her thin white T-shirt didn’t hide anything. Her nipples were rock hard and bigger than I had imagined. Not that I made a habit of imagining my sister naked but I had always assumed they would be smaller. I felt my cock jerk a bit at this sight.

“Yeah well my alarm didn’t go off and if I’m late again, Mr. Rysce is going to flip shit.”

“Bullshit, it didn’t! I know it went off because it woke me up at 5:30. I heard it twice and you silenced it twice. You are just going to have to wait.”

“Damnit, Jamie!”

“Get out! I’ll be done in a minute.”

Sarah slammed the door closed and marched angrily back to her room. I pushed the thought of my sister out of my mind and I continued to stroke my cock. I grabbed my body-wash from the shelf and lathered myself up. A little lubricant always felt nice.

Curiously I found myself thinking about my sister: the way her shirt hugged her breasts so tightly; the way she stood at the door with her weight shifted to one side allowing one hip to raise higher than the other; Her blonde, bedhead hair draped messily over her breasts.

Suddenly I was brought back to reality by the door opening again and my sister walking up to the curtain. I did my best to hide my cock as she slid her head through the curtain. Her eyes met mine and I said a silent prayer that she didn’t look down. “I need to rinse my hair out and It will only take a second.”

“Fine, hold on and let me get a towel.” I said trying to find anything to cover myself with.

“You’re covered in soap just stand back and I’ll be done in a second.”

“Sarah! What the fuck are you doing?” I said as she pulled back the curtains and stepped into the shower with me. I turned myself away from her so she wouldn’t get any unwanted pokes.

“Jamie, I have got to get ready or I’m going to be late again. Just stay turned around and I’ll be done in a minute.”

The next few minutes few very awkward. The sound of the water hitting her head and falling into the tub below was nerve wrecking. Feeling the water splash off her back and on to me sent chills down my spine. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I wanted nothing more than for her to just go so I could finish up and get ready myself. Despite the obvious tension in the room I still felt a strong urge to grab my cock and finish up right here and now. After all, even though she was my sister, she was still a girl; practically a woman at this point.

The curiosity got the better of me and I just couldn’t resist. I turned my head slightly and out of the corner of my eye I saw the outline of her hourglass figure. My cock stiffened right back to attention at the sight of her. I watched as the water streamed down the crease in her back and flared out over her ass. Her beautiful blonde hair was covered in shampoo and she scrubbed it into her scalp hard and quickly. I realized I was staring. If she turned around now I would be caught for sure.

Her arms moved in such a hypnotic motion as her hands made small circles on her scalp. I turned toward her slightly to get a better view and felt my dick graze the cold shower curtain. My heart stopped at the distinct sound of the metal curtain rings dragging across the curtain rod. I thought for sure she would turn around and see me but she seemed to still be focused on getting every part of her hair clean.

I continued to rotate around until I was staring directly at her back. I looked down and saw the water and suds flowing down her legs and around her feet. They shimmered under the moving water and I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed hold of my dick and began softly strolling it trying not to make any noise.

What was I doing? If I got caught then my relationship with my sister would never be the same. Would she tell mom? Would she tell dad? What if she tells someone at school and EVERYONE finds out?

I pushed the thought out of my mind and suddenly I wasn’t so concerned with what might happened anymore. I stroked my cock as I watched the sides of her boobs jiggle with every movement.

It all happened so fast that I barely remember the next few seconds. One moment her head is facing away from me and the next she was staring directly at my cock. I panicked and jerked the curtains around me nearly pulling them off the rod.

Sarah stood there with her mouth agape. Neither one of us said a word for several moments until finally I mustered the courage to speak, “That wasn’t what it looked like.”

“Really? Because it looked like you were playing with yourself.”

I didn’t know how to respond. There was no use denying it because I knew that no matter what I said she would always know what I was doing. Even if for some reason she decided to spare us both and pretend to believe whatever BS story I could throw at her, we would both always know what I had just done.

“I was already jacking off before you even got out of bed.” I said matter-of-factly. “I can’t help it if you decided to get in halfway through.

“You know, you could just not masturbate in the shower that we share. Did you ever consider using your room? You know, the one that nobody ever goes in except you?”

Despite the awkwardness of the situation I still expected her to be reacting more frantically. She had just seen her brother’s erect cock after all. Somehow she seemed calm.

“Look, can you just go?” The words caught in my throat.

“You fucking pervert. You weren’t just masturbating while I just so happened to be in the shower, you were staring directly at me. You were masturbating to me.”

“I was not.” I barked defensively. “I closed my eyes and forgot you were even in here. I was to into it to care.” I said as my eyes involuntarily bounced between her eyes and her breasts.

“Then why do you keep looking at my chest?” She said half laughing. “You aren’t just a pervert, you’re a liar too. Why don’t you just admit that you were jacking off to your sister?”

“Jesus, Sarah! I won’t admit it because I wasn’t! Please just leave so I can finish.”

“Finish masturbating?” She said with a smile.

“No!” I shouted irritatedly. “So I can finish showering, goddamnit!”

“Calm down, will ya? I’m only busting your balls.” She paused, “Not literally of course. Even though you would probably be into it.”

“Fucking leave!” My face was bright red and I just wanted her gone so I could rinse off and finish cleaning up.

“I’ll bet you’re still erect, aren’t you?” She said as she reached out and attempted to move the shower curtain.

I snapped it away from her. “Sarah, I’m not playing around. Leave now.”

“You are! You are still rock hard and you want me gone so you can finish jerking you cock.” Her voice had turned to a more playful tone almost as if it were a game to her. “You want to jerk off while you think about my tits don’t you, you little fucking perv?”

“No! I mean yes, I want you gone so I can finish jerking off but not while thinking about your tits! I just want to finish jacking off so I can get rid of this morning wood and go on with my day like normal. Is that too much to ask?”

“A little bit.” She chuckled. “This day is obviously anything but normal. Hold on I’ll wash out my hair and be done. Put the curtain back, will you? There’s a draft and it’s freezing in here.”

I thought about it for a second before I finally gave in and unwrapped myself from the curtain. She slid it back into place and turned around to continue rinsing out her hair.

“You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, you know?”

“I’m not having this conversation with you.”

She bent over and in doing so shoved her ass directly against my legs letting my cock rest comfortably between her asscheeks. “Oops.” Her sud covered hair now created a bit of curtain around her head as she rinsed it out.

“I…” the words were just caught in my mouth. I could breath or move.

“You just going to stand the with your dick on me? Isn’t this what you want?” She began moving her ass forward and back as my cock slid along her ass and over her back. With every backwards motion I felt her warm pussy press firmly into my balls.

“What… Sarah…” I was still at a loss for words. I couldn’t believe what was happening was actually happening. I must still be sleeping. This had to be a dream.

She raised herself up to her tiptoes and squished my dick between her ass and my stomach. She began moving her ass up and down. Her warm, wet pussy glided gently on my dick from the balls all the way up to the tip.

I couldn’t tell if she was actually wet or if it was just the water from the shower but something told me it was the former. She let out a soft moan and I felt her body shiver a bit. Only now did I realize that she had her hand down between her legs and was rubbing herself. She gripped the shower rail and began sliding up and down with more vigor.

Everything felt so good that I didn’t even have time to consider the fact that I could pop any second. I was too focused on every single moan that came from her mouth.

Suddenly she stood straight, spun around to face me and looked me dead in the eyes. “You will not tell anyone about this. Understand?” I wouldn’t have told anyone anyway but seeing the crazy look in her eyes told me that I really didn’t want to tell anyone. She dropped down to her knees and took my cock into her hand. Her hands were so small that it would have probably taken three of them to cover the length of my shaft. In one quick motion and with the skill of a pro, she slid her tongue around my head a single time and then, teasing me, she began licking from the point where her hand stoped all the way up to the tip of my penis.

I had to balance myself as waves of incredible pleasure made my knees weak. Just as I was getting used to the stimulation she stopped and looked up at me.

“Oh please, don’t stop.” I begged.

Without a word and without ever breaking eye contact, she slid my dick into her mouth. She forced it deeper until I was practically going down her throat.

“Holy hell.” I said as she grabbed my balls. She still hadn’t taken the entirety of my cock so I removed her hand, grabbed the back of her neck and forced myself even deeper until I felt her chin press against my balls. She suppressed the urge to gag all the while never breaking eye contact.

I put both of my hands on the back of her head and began to take control. I gave slow and deliberate thrusts ensuring that I felt every texture, curve and shape in her mouth. I was ready to bust when she took my hands off of her head, pulled me out of her and said the words I had been dying to hear for so long.

“Fuck me.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, she lifted her leg above her head the way only a senior cheerleader could do and rested it on my chest.

This was the first time I had gotten a good look at her beautiful pussy. Completely hairless and without even being inside her I could tell that she was extremely tight. Was she a virgin? I quickly pushed the thought out of my head and pressed myself against her.

My head was rubbing against her clit now and her moans were begging me to thrust deep inside her. I alighted myself with her and pushed softly. I felt her soft lips part and her warm insides were the most welcoming feeling I have ever experienced.

She moaned. I moaned. For a brief moment our eyes locked and I had a tremendous sense of guilt. The sense that I was doing something very wrong. “Fuck me.” She mouthed again.

Those two words instantly brought me back into the game and I was off. I fucked her hard, going only halfway in at first and then all at once I pushed hard into her. Our pelvises were pressed firmly against each other and our eyes still locked.

I began to give her fast and rhythmic thrusts as the sound of water continued to muffle our labored moaning. With every thrust I felt like I might loose control and pop right that moment. Her panting stopped and her voice seemed to catch in her throat. Her eyes rolled slightly and her skin became paler than normal.

She was cumming. Hard.

Every muscle in her body became rigid and tense with pleasure. She grabbed for the support bar, knocking over many shampoos and conditioners in the process. The sound echoed throughout the bathroom but we didn’t stop. I continued to thrust quickly in a rhythmic fashion. Her breasts bounced wildly and her hair had fallen over her face. She was truly a mess at this point.

Mesmerized by the feeling of her vagina convulsing harder with every pulse I was taken completely off guard by the knock on the door. I stopped, frozen.

“Everything ok in there, Jamie?” My mom said from outside the door.

“Don’t stop” Sarah mouthed in a playful way.

“Yeah, I’m ok. I just… lost my balance and… knocked some bottles off the shelf.” I was stuttering badly as I continued to slowly fuck my sister. The thrill and excitement of knowing how wrong what we were doing was building and I felt like I might bust any moment.

“Ok. Well hurry up. You’re going to be late for school. Are you going to be home for dinner tonight or are you eating at David’s house?”

My sister leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Would you please just cum inside me so I can use the shower now?” With that, all was lost. With my sisters leg suspended above my head and my dick shoved in all the way, I came harder than I had ever came before.

“Jamie?” My mom said courteously.

“Yes! I’ll be home for dinner. I’ll be out in a minute, mom.” I pulled myself out of my sister and she lowered her leg to the ground. She straightened her hair and smiled at me.

“You are on the pill, right? I didn’t just knock up my sister did I?” I asked her out of breath and half-jokingly.

“I have been on the pill since I turned fourteen. You’re good.” She put her hands on my chest, “You’re really good. Now back off so I can get the soap out of my hair and your cum off of me.” ( Somes Sexy Pictures Here Available )

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