Tim discovers his step sister’s secret.

It had been a shitty day at school. Eighteen-year-old Tim Masterson had just gotten home when he heard girlish giggling coming from the other side of the hedgerow that screened off the pool area. He stopped to listen, picking up several female voices, although he couldn’t hear what was being said, just the laughter. His curiosity piqued, he quick-stepped down the row and around the corner to the back door of the pool house.

As he entered, he noticed that the French doors that led to the pool were all open. He hurried across the room, which consisted of a seating area around a fireplace, a kitchenette/bar area, and the door to a connected bathroom. Sidling up to the open front doors, he peaked around and immediately got an eyeful.

“Ho-ly-fuck!” he whispered to himself.

Not thirty feet away, his step-sister and two other girls were lounging on pool chairs, all chattering animatedly over each other, all blonde, all topless. Tim’s eyes feasted on three sets of firm, young, naked tits. In addition to Chloe, his 19-year-old step-sister, he recognized Madison and Taylor, also 19, two of her fellow cheerleaders at the local college. They were all oiled up and gleaming in the bright sun, their hair in ponytails and sunglasses shading their eyes.

Tim barely had time to admire the panorama of pulchritude, however, before he was interrupted by the muffled sound of a toilet flushing and the bathroom door flung open. Tim spun around and found himself face-to-face with a fourth topless blonde. Alexa, also a cheerleader, came out of the bathroom fiddling with her bikini bottom but stopped short with a startled yelp, her hands automatically slapping onto her chest, covering her exposed boobs.

They faced each other in open-mouthed shock for a long instant, then a mischievous grin crept over Alexa’s face. “Timmy,” she drawled, “are you spying?” Her hair was also up in a ponytail, her sunglasses resting on top of her head. Her eyes narrowed slyly. “Are you trying to see some tiddies?”

“Uh, n-no,” he stammered. “I was, just, uh, like…” He trailed off, at a loss for words as the petite girl dropped her hands. He stared at her naked tits as she challenged him with her hands on her hips.

“I think you were,” she teased.

The next thing Tim knew, she had him by the hand and was pulling him out the doorway.

“Hey girls,” she called, “look what I found! We’ve got a little peeper!”

There was an uproar of shrieks and curses as all the blondes jumped up and surrounded him. They were all poking and slapping, jabbering and scolding as he twisted this way and that trying to defend himself amongst the calls of a perv, peeping tom, and creeper–none louder than Chloe herself who blurted, “Mama told me he was a fucking pervert!”

One of the girls was shushing the others.

“Come on, girls, give the poor kid a break!” Madison proclaimed, reaching out to back the angry girls off him. “He probably hasn’t ever seen real live boobs before, have you, Timmy?”

He stood up tall and straightened his sweater vest indignantly. “Yeah, ‘course I have,” he retorted.

“Oh really!” Madison laughed flirtatiously. “Come on, though–” she thrust her chest out, motioning for the others to do the same, “–you haven’t ever seen tits as nice as these, now have you?”

“I’ve seen better,” Tim sniffed defensively, still stinging.

The girls all bleated in protest–Bull shit!–You little fucker!–Liar!–No fucking way!–before Madison quieted them again.

“No, really, though,” she cajoled, “who’s got the nicest ones?”

Tim looked back and forth hesitantly as the girls waited for his response. They were all variations on a theme–all about 5’4″ or 5’5″, thin and athletic with perky, firm little titties. All blonde ponytails and white teeth as they grinned challengingly at him. Truly, the only real difference between any of them was the colors of their bikini bottoms.

That, and their nipples.

Madison had little pink, pencil-eraser-sized buds surrounded by very pale aureolas the size of half-dollars. Taylor had fat brown berries with very little aureola at all. Alexa’s erect puffies looked like light pink strawberries capped with tiny pointed nips. And Chloe–displaying hers just as openly as the others–had pointy, dusky rose-colored nipples that sloped skyward, very reminiscent of her mother’s, except that the left one was inverted, making it look more girlish yet sexy at the same time…

Tim ogled the smorgasbord of girl bits, nervously sweating his ass off as he was still dressed in his school uniform.

“C’mon, Timmy, who’s are best?” Taylor demanded.

“Yeah, Timmy,” Chloe spouted his name like an insult, sneering at him when his eyes locked onto her chesticles. She fucking knew hers were the finest…

“You really gotta feel tiddies though, to really decide,” Alexa giggled, grabbing his hand and placing it on her left tit.

“Hey, no fair!” Madison protested. She seized his other hand and guided it to her right breast.

Suddenly Tim was swamped in girl-flesh as they competed for his attention. He squeezed firm little titties and rubbed hard nipples amid a cacophony of girlish voices–Feel these!–Mine are best!–No mine!–Here, Timmy, here! He grinned with delight, until…

“Ooh, Timmy’s got a hardon!” Taylor cried.

Then their hands were all over him–rubbing the tight front of his trousers, lifting his vest and shirt to get underneath with their nails, teasing his sweaty belly and back. He was still groping, feeling, sliding his hands over taut, oiled skin heated by the sun as he felt his pants drop. His boxers quickly followed, dropping to his ankles. He couldn’t stifle a groan as his dick was suddenly standing free.

There were more shrieks and giggles–Oh my God he’s so hard!–Eww, it’s too hairy!–Look at the purple head!–Touch it!–No, you touch it!–It’s so small!–It’d take two of him to equal MY boyfriend’s dick!–Yeah it’s WAY too short!–Aww, I think it’s cute!–Grab it then!–No, make HIM touch it!–Yeah touch it Timmy!–Jerk off for us!–Tim suddenly found his hand on his dick.

He was reeling from the heat and the racket of their chatter and the feel of so much girl flesh. He was humiliated by the things they were saying, but so turned on by them he couldn’t help but jack off before them. His palms were slick with their tanning lotion. He jerked his rock-hard unit like crazy as the girls laughingly squealed their revulsion at what he was doing while encouraging it at the same time. He didn’t give a fuck at the moment–he was about to spray cum all over these prick teasing bitches! He could feel it building, getting close. He was mere seconds away…

“NOW!” Chloe shouted.

And then there were three sets of hands on his front, giving him a mighty shove. With his pants around his ankles, he stumbled backward and tumbled right over Chloe, who had slipped around behind him and was on all fours behind his legs. He went ass over elbow, straight into the pool.

Suddenly he was underwater. For a panicked moment, he was disoriented and could not tell which way was up. His pants hindered his movements. He had no air and accidentally gulped water. He thought he was going to die…

His upper back came into contact with the bottom of the pool. Twisting his body and pulling at the water with his hands, he got his feet under him and desperately pushed himself upward. He burst through the surface, sputtering, coughing, gasping for air. It took a moment to realize the water was only four feet deep. He waded to the side, still coughing and gagging on the water he had sucked down.

Chloe and her friends were gathering their things, still laughing. They walked away, chattering over themselves once again, dismissing him without another thought.

“Fucking cunts!” he tried to scream, but it came out as a croak that none of them even heard as he coughed out more water.

He glared after them as they casually walked away, not even bothering to cover their bare tits as they filed into the house. Just before closing the door, Chloe looked back, giving him a contemptuous sneer and a raised middle finger. He retaliated with both hands, thrusting his own birdies at her furiously, but she was already gone.

In another few minutes, he was finally recovered enough to climb out of the pool. He gritted his teeth in fury, vowing revenge on the bitches as he reached for his pants.


“Where the fuck are you going?” Tim muttered to himself as he followed the tail lights of Chloe’s car, keeping a safe distance so they would not detect his presence. They were in a part of town he’d never seen, taking a winding path through back streets and run-down neighborhoods. His only clue to their destination? An overheard reference to ‘The Hole.’

After the unintentional dip in the pool, he had gone back into the house to change out of his wet clothes. On his way to his room, he had passed Chloe’s room. He could hear the jabber of the four blonde cheerleaders.

He was still furious, he wanted to pound on her door and call her a worthless cunt. He was ready to do it, when he overheard Chloe’s voice, “Get dressed, bitches, we’ve got to get to the hole!”

That stopped him. Curious, he pressed his ear to the door.

“Are we going to the club after work?” somebody asked.

“Yes, let’s! I’m always worked up after a shift!”

“Yeah, especially after having some Molly to get us warmed up!”

There was a babble of giggles and excited chatter as they all agreed.

What the Fuck? Tim scowled at the door for a moment. Work? Shift? Chloe didn’t work. Neither did the other spoiled little cunts as far as he knew. And Molly? Who the fuck was Molly? He hadn’t a fucking clue, but a plan quickly formed in his head.

He hurried to his room and stripped off his wet clothes, quickly toweled himself dry, then dressed in his closest approximation of a spy costume–black slacks, black turtleneck sweater, black shoes, and a black ball cap (after briefly considering a black ski mask, but deciding that might look just a little out of place). Dark sunglasses completed the disguise and he hurried out to his car where he waited, sweating his ass off for nearly an hour as he waited for the dumb bitches to appear.

Sure enough, when they finally did come out and pile into Chloe’s VW, they were all dressed like the sluts they were–all short skirts and crop-tops, boots or high heels, big hair and makeup to the max. Crouching in his seat, Tim waited for them to leave the gated drive before starting out after them.

Now he had been following them for nearly a half-hour on their meandering trek through the city. The sun had gone down, and his belly was grumbling for food. Finally, though, they turned into an alley behind a liquor store. Tim stopped at the curb and saw them pull into a small parking lot. When he saw them piling out of the car, he killed the engine and jumped out himself.

He hid behind the corner of the liquor store and watched the still-chattering, giggling bitches coming back toward him, looking entirely out of place all dolled up in this grimy alleyway. He was getting ready to run away to a hiding place, but they stopped at a non-descript metal door across the alley. One of them produced a key card and swiped it through an electronic lock. The door swung open and the girls all entered.

Tim sprinted to the door and just managed to get a shoe wedged in before it slammed shut. He had to stifle a yelp of pain as the heavy door likely mangled his pinky toe for life, but at least he managed to slip into the darkened interior undetected.

He saw the girls disappearing through an opening up ahead to the left. He limped up and peeked in to see an open locker room. Chloe and the girls were already removing their clothes and stashing them in lockers. His eyes widened as he watched them undress, while in the background was a doorway with a couple of freshly showered naked girls emerging, one with a towel turban-style around her head, the other drying herself as they chatted amongst themselves.

Chloe and her fellow cheerleaders stripped down to their panties and high heels, all still chattering excitedly. Chloe interrupted them, grinning as she held up a little baggie.

“Vitamin X, ladies!” she sing-songed, shaking out pills to pass to each girl.

X? Like ecstasy? Tim wondered. Molly must be another term for ecstasy, as he didn’t see any other girl around with them. He was amazed at how much bad news his step-sister knew.

They all eagerly downed their pills, passing around a water bottle. They spent another few moments checking their makeup and hair, then turned to come back out into the hallway. Luckily, they were all babbling to each other so animatedly, they never looked Tim’s way as he faded back toward the outer door. He watched their sexy, thong-wearing asses until they turned to the right at the end of the hall, then he crept forward.

The cross hall had a series of evenly spaced red doors on its left side, and a few open doors on its right that appeared to be offices as well as a break room with tables and snack machines. Chloe was speaking to someone in one of the offices, then nodded and gave a smiling thumbs up to whoever was inside. She ushered her nearly-naked friends to one of the red doors and entered. Tim noticed that each of the doors was labeled: 1-4, 5-8, etc. Chloe had gone through the door with 9-12 on it, halfway down the hall.

What in the fuck is this place? Tim wondered as he sidled down the hallway. A peek into the break room revealed three naked girls sitting at a table eating chips as they chatted with a very large, fully clothed black guy. He quick-stepped past the door, hoping they were engrossed in their conversation enough to not notice him. He stopped at the office where Chloe had stopped, wondering if it was safe to try to sneak past when a hand the size of a Major League catcher’s mitt clamped onto his upper arm and spun him around.

“You can’t be back here, chief,” the black guy from the break room said as he pulled Tim back down the hall like he was made of feathers.

“Er, I was just, um, looking for…”

“Don’t care,” the giant cut him off. “Customers stay up front.” He led/carried Tim all the way to the end of the hall, opened a door, and shoved him through, then gave him a smile that somehow seemed like a threat. “Enjoy your stay at the Glory Hole, chief,” he said and shut the door in Tim’s face.

Tim stared at the door, which was marked No Admittance~Staff Only. Still, totally at a loss, he made his way down the short, dingy hallway he found himself in, past a grimy-looking bathroom, through a beaded curtain, and out into…

“The fuck…?” he breathed, staring in wonder.

It was a fucking porn shop–there were shelves containing all manner of dildos, vibrators, latex vaginas, anal toys, etc. But mainly it was DVDs. At least three-fourths of the place was taken up by rack after rack of hardcore porn. Tim wandered through the aisles, amazed at the sheer amount of porn. There were probably a dozen dudes he saw perusing the shelves, two of them with ladies by their sides. He hurried on by as one of the women, a hefty forty-something gave him a hungry smile as she looked him up and down like he was a fresh bucket of KFC.

As he neared the front door, he noticed an old dude behind the counter serving a new arrival. He overheard the man say, “Fifty bucks cover charge, plus one dollar per token,” in a bored monotone. Tim quickly shied away from that area as there was another watchful black dude standing nearby who could have been the big brother of the one who had manhandled him earlier.

Then he noticed that the whole back wall of the place was red doors. The doors all had numbers on them that went from 1 all the way down on his right, to 24 all the way to his left. It struck him as strange that they counted down as you went from left to right. Above each door, there were lights–mostly red, but a few doors had green. As he was standing there puzzling, door number 9 opened up in front of him. A greasy-looking guy stumbled out, obviously drunk, tucking his shirt into his pants. He gave Tim a grin and a wink, then strolled past, leaving a sour stink of booze in his wake.

Tim waved his hand under his nose, grimacing with distaste. The green light was now on above the door. He realized red must mean occupied, green–not. Then he suddenly remembered that his step-sister and her slut-posse had entered the door marked 9-12. He looked around, saw that no one was paying him any mind, then casually slipped through the door and closed it behind him.

The dark room was barely wider than the door and about eight feet deep. The only light came from a TV screen on the back wall, with the message Insert Disc Below. As he approached, he noticed a lighted slot where the DVD would go, with a small vertical slot next to it with lighted text that read 3 min. per Token. As he was standing there, thinking that was a pretty expensive way to watch porn when you could get it free on the internet, he noticed a circle of light on his left pant leg.

The light was coming from a hole in the wall, about three feet off the ground.

Curious, Tim crouched down to look through, and almost swallowed his tongue…

The first thing he saw, directly opposite, was two totally naked blondes, on their knees, taking turns sucking a giant brown dick poking through the hole in the wall. It took him a few seconds to realize–it was Madison and Taylor!–two of Chloe’s cheerleader friends! He was stunned, watching as the pair sucked and stroked the slobbery dick with obvious relish.

A movement to the side caught his attention. Shifting, he was able to see the left wall where there were two holes–one empty, but the other–Oh-My-Fucking-God!

It was Chloe, the bitch princess herself, as bare assed as Madison and Taylor, bent over, hands on the floor, bare ass slapping against the wall as she rode a big, disembodied dick sticking out of the hole!

Tim stared in open-mouthed shock. A million thoughts went through his head–I knew it!–A fucking slut!–They’re ALL sluts!–They fucking WORK here?–They’re goddam HOOKERS!–I fucking KNEW that bitch was…

Then suddenly it hit him–BLACKMAIL!

His scheme to blackmail his hated step-sister, here it was, on a silver platter! He could make her his bitch! He quickly fumbled his phone out of his pocket. Chloe would be his fucking compliant sex doll! Perfect revenge on her for being such a cunt! Not to mention the other three sluts–he would own all of them! He was trembling with excitement, making it hard to turn on his phone. He finally had to tear his eye away from the lurid spectacle…

“God damn it, turn ON!” he hissed.

He pressed the button. Nothing. He punched it several more times, each more desperate and forceful than the last. It was dead. Oh shit! He suddenly realized, his phone had gone into the pool with him when the sluts had nearly drowned him!

“Fuck!” he blurted, slamming the useless instrument on the sticky floor.

“Is someone there?”

Tim jumped at the sound, standing quickly. A pair of painted red lips spoke through the hole, smiling, perfect white teeth glowing in the dim light.

“Come on, baby, what you got for me?”

He was just about to bolt when a slender hand slipped through the hole and touched his thigh. He stared down in fascination as the hand slid up to his crotch. She squeezed his hard dick through his pants, then toyed with his zipper. He automatically reached to help her unzip his pants, but when his hand touched hers, she grabbed it and pulled. Too surprised to resist, he knelt as he let her pull his hand through the hole. She led it straight to her tits.

As he fondled the pliant little breast, his mind feverishly did the calculation: Madison and Taylor sucking dick on the other side, Chloe backing into a dick on the left, that left Alexa…

Yes, he recognized the feel of her puffy pink nipples. Her tits–or tiddies as she had called them–were firm and lovely, an exact handful. He groped her roughly, squeezing the creampuffs, pinching and twisting the puffies as he recalled her dragging him out of the pool house to be prick-teased by the others. Little bitch! He pinched harder. She grabbed his wrist but did nothing to curtail his rough treatment of her sensitive buds, merely moved him from one to the other.

After a few minutes, she stood up, keeping his hand in contact with her naked flesh as it slid down her flat belly and between her legs. He turned his hand to cup her pussy. The flimsy fabric of her panties barely separated him from her. The crotch was hot and damp. He held his breath. Sweat dripped down his brow, stinging his eyes. Then she pulled her panties to the side.

Holy fuck…

His middle finger settled into her wet seam. Still holding his wrist, she rocked her pelvis slowly, sensuously. The tip of his finger found her hole, hot and slippery. It entered easily as she pushed against him. He could barely hear her muffled moan through the thin wall as she pushed until he was in up to the knuckle. She rocked slowly, fucking herself with his finger. After several strokes, she pulled back enough to reach down and push his ring finger in also.

God damn! This was the hottest thing ever–blindly finger-fucking this hot bitch’s tight little pussy! His dick was straining against his zipper. Being careful not to disturb her lewd actions, he unsnapped his pants, lowered his zipper, then pushed them and his boxers down. His dick instantly popped to fully erect, grateful to be free. Just as he wrapped his hand around it, still feeling Alexa’s pussy with his other, he heard the unmistakable sound of Chloe cumming in the background. He had jerked off to the sound of her having sex on the other side of his bedroom wall so many times he almost jizzed through simple force of habit!

Meanwhile, Alexa was getting ramped up, fucking herself with his hand more and more urgently. Her pussy was slobbering on his fingers so much a small puddle of her juice was forming in his upturned palm, while a rivulet trickled down the back of his hand to drip off his wrist. Suddenly he felt something else pushing its way past his forearm, in between the horny bitch’s legs–something soft, hair tickling his skin, then a wet tongue lapping up the girl spunk from his hand.

“OH MY GOD, Chlo–lick my fuckin’ clit–I’m gonna cum…!”

Tim nearly swooned. His slut of a step-sister, apparently done fucking the anonymous dick over yonder, was now eating Alexa’s drooling cunt while he finger-banged the shit out of it. If he hadn’t been on his knees already, he might have fallen over. He leaned against the wall, his ear pressed to its rank, rather sticky surface, squeezing his pud with his left hand while he listened to the girl on the other side whine like an air raid siren, humping his fingers like crazy until there was a sudden gush of liquid, spraying into his hand and, presumably, Chloe’s face.

When the climaxing slut finished her spasmodic jerking, she pulled his sloppy fingers out of her cunt and dropped to her knees to join Chloe in licking the goo off of them. After a full minute of licking and sucking on his dripping hand, they finally released him. He slowly drew his arm out of the hole in the wall. He took just a second to look at the befouled appendage, wondering if it would ever truly be clean again before a movement behind the hole caught his attention. He peeked through to see Chloe’s wet red lips, girl-cum still dripping from her chin.

“C’mon, baby, show us that D,” she begged in a throaty, lust-filled voice.

Tim jumped up and slammed his pulsing bone through the hole so fast the whole wall shook with the impact. And almost as fast, Chloe’s mouth was on it. She took it right down to the root. Sucking with gusto, she gave it a quick half-dozen head bobs, her slick lips gliding from pee-hole to pubic bone. He was so worked up, it was almost enough to make him blow his entire wad. But with expertise that bespoke of sucking many cocks, she backed off just in time, her hand shooting up behind his tightening ball sack to clamp around the base of his unit with an iron grip. Tim hugged the fucking wall, quivering with need.

“Hey Tay-Tay,” he heard Chloe call out. “Here’s one of those small ones you love…”

Tim’s face burned with embarrassment. It’s within normal parameters, you bitch!

“Ooh, let me see!” Taylor’s voice approached. He felt a hand wrap around the shaft, causing it to twitch and drool. “Oh yeah, that’s a pretty little cock!”

“Hey, wait a minute!” He thought that was Alexa. There was a gaggle of excited female voices, then Taylor cooed, “How about you suck this one off Chloe? Seems fair, you got him all ready, suck him, and let the cum pour down your throat! While you suck his dick, I’m gonna take care of you!”

That was all the encouragement Chloe needed, and her mouth returned to the task at hand. he heard Taylor purr, ”Oh yeah, suck his cock, while I stroke your clit!” Her mouth swallowed him, and her moan vibrated against his cock as Taylor did as promised, her fingers seeking out the wet heat of Chloe’s cunt. Chloe’s mouth was moving at a more leisurely pace, tightening up her lips as she pulled back. Another moan made his cock tingle, then down again, slowly, her lips riding wetly up and down his throbbing cock.

Tim was sweating like a pig, holy shit, his step-sister was sucking his prick like a real pro. It made him wonder how many stiff dicks she has sucked off, either for her own slut needs or as part of her job. Her moans were becoming more and more frequent as Taylor worked over Chloe’s dripping heat. The hand released his balls, and he felt a different hand cup them, gently squeezing his balls.

Madison’s voice floated through the opening, “Feel my hand playing with your balls. Chloe wants her hungry little mouth filled, don’t you Chlo?”

The other girls giggled again, and he felt Chloe’s mouth around his cock as she went “Umm-hmm” around his prick, and he could feel the churning in his balls.

Alexa’s voice, “Oh yeah, suck that D, make him flood your mouth!”

Taylor’s voice, “Oh yeah baby, Chloe’s so ready for it, give her lots of hot spunk to swallow!”

Madison, gently squeezing his balls, urged him on, “Yeah, do it, pour out a big load of cream, DO IT!”

That took him, and with Chloe’s mouth quivering wildly, she was cumming, oh fuck, her mouth tightened down, becoming the ultimate gripping receptacle, he let out a wild grunt as he slammed forward as far as he could, and the cum streaked up his shaft. He erupted into the hot wetness around his prick, and Chloe’s tongue was lashing at his cock head, urging him on. He was happy to do so, and he felt 10 ropes of hot, thick spunk flooding the bitch’s mouth, silently cheering at the knowledge that his snooty bitch of a step-sister was swallowing his cum.

When Chloe pulled her mouth away, she grabbed his dick, and crowed, “He shot off like a geyser, and I swallowed it all!”

Her friends were laughing wildly, and he heard her say, “What’s so fucking funny?”

Alexa’s voice, still full of glee, said. “That little dick looks familiar…”

“Oh yeah, with that purple head, and all that black hair…” Taylor’s voice.

Madison: “Chlo, doesn’t that look like your brother’s dick?”

“Hell, I don’t know!” Chloe blurted. “I didn’t look at it! You bitches were the ones looking!”

Alexa: “Yeah, looks just like your little bro…”

“Shut up!” Chloe protested. “I just had it in my mouth! I just swallowed his fucking cum!”

Taylor laughed as she said, “You just sucked off your step bro’s prick, and you came all over my hand while you did so!” then a burst of wild laughter joined in from Alexa and Madison.

Tim whipped his dick back, as he pulled away, a hand shot through and nearly succeeded in grabbing his shirt. “Come here you little shit!”

He jumped to his feet, pulled up his pants, and got the fuck out of there before the pissed-off Chloe could sic one of the giant black bouncers on his ass. He was halfway home before he realized he’d left his phone on the grungy floor of the jizz booth. Would they be able to identify him from the dead device? He fretted for a bit, before deciding Fuck it–he hadn’t broken any laws–and besides, he now knew those slutty bitches’ dirty little secret. ( Some Sexy Images Here )

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