All Expenses Included

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Including All the Expenses

I perused the brochure once more to make sure I understood the trip details. The tour consisted of several famous cities in mainland Europe. Each city had an appeal of their own.

I let my eyes roam to the bottom line on the brochure. It stated that a fee of two thousand Euros made this an all-expenses-paid trip. I checked the list of expenses. The accommodations for singles reported double occupancy, which meant that they’d put single males or females together with the same sex as roommates.

The tour was for 14 days and 13 nights and seemed adequate for the cities we’d visit. Our mode of transportation was a private coach, which would make the trip more comfortable, as it would be only our group on the bus. The brochure also stated that side trips were available at no extra cost.

Meals were also integrated into the trip price. They offered a continental breakfast, packaged lunch, and a complete dinner. This also included tips.

As I continued to look over the brochure, I spotted a section for miscellaneous expense coverage in the famous red-light district in Amsterdam. They even offered a coupon for personal companion services overnight in Paris. In Rome, a complimentary “full service” massage at “La Dolce Vita” was on offer. The implications intrigued me. 

The offer seemed like it could be a scam. How many all expense trips, were truly paid for? It didn’t take me long, however, to call and reserve a spot on the next tour, which would leave on the first of the following month.

When the day arrived, I made my way to the departure area. When I made my way to the bus to queue up for loading, my stomach sank. There were no women in our group. We looked like a bunch of groomsmen taking our groom off for one last trip before the marriage bug kept him from freedom. I nearly decided to beg off and give the excuse of an emergency. I stuck it out a bit longer.

I realized the turn off to any potential female vacationer was the extra stops in Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome.

Our tour guide finally showed up. I expected another male, but what stepped out of the car was no man.

“Good morning, Gentlemen. I’m so sorry, I’m late. I overslept. My name is Patricia, and I’m your tour guide for this trip.” Patricia announced.

Patricia was a beautiful woman. She was well dressed in a short pinstripe skirt and jacket to match, with heels just high enough to give her legs a sexy shape. I wasn’t the only one who she captured with her feminine charms.

I was lucky enough to get an assigned seat at the front, right across the aisle from the driver and Patricia. In my head, I composed poems to her beauty. My eyes rested on her curvaceous posterior. My cock stirred to life, and I had yet to even speak to her. I kept a magazine perched in my lap to keep her from noticing my arousal and think me a pervert.

Laughter carried from the rear of the bus. I was mortified to think what comment the other guys made about Patricia’s assets.

From my vantage, I continued to watch her. Whenever she stopped in thought, she would open her mouth and rest her tongue on her upper lip. The tip looked like a bit of cherry pie, begging to be eaten. She had a slight accent, and I wondered if she spoke some exotic foreign language. One that might be spoken to her lover while in the middle of lovemaking.

We stopped for a quick break before the bus loaded on the ferry.

“Now, gentlemen, be sure to drain the lizard before we get onto the ferry. Restrooms are at a premium on board,” she told us. She flashed a knowing smile at us. This nearly brought me to premature ejaculation right there on the bus.

Once we were all back on the bus and the bus loaded onto the ferry, Patricia told us, “I went to school in Switzerland, and this is my first job since graduation.” Someone in back muttered a question, and she replied, “No, really. This is the first time for me.”

The other men exploded into fits of laughter. Patricia looked around as she had no idea what they found so funny.

The first night of our tour was in Amsterdam and the visit to the famous red-light district. As the bus rolled down the street, girls in various states of dress sat in the windows, trying to entice clients.

The bus came to a halt, and Patricia stood. “I’ll have your vouchers for the evening’s entertainment ready as you leave the bus.” She disappeared down the steps and stood to wait just outside the door. “Take your voucher and sign the receipt as you leave.” She told us as we passed out into the night. Some of the fellows leered at her as they took their chits and signed receipts. Patricia’s face flushed as she handed each man the tokens that would allow them to enjoy a night of debauchery.

When it was my turn, I waved it off and said, “I have other plans for this evening. I hear there’s a great canal cruise. I want to check it out.”

Patricia smiled. “I’ve been on it and have wanted to go again so badly. Would you mind if I accompany you, Mr. Brown?”

I couldn’t contain my pleasure. “I’d be delighted.”

The boat ride was beautiful. When we arrived back at the hotel, none of the other passengers had returned.

“Since no one is back, yet, Mr. Brown, would you like to join me in a brandy nightcap?”

The brandy went down quickly. She poured another round and asked, “Would you allow me to make up for you missing your red-light visit?”

“I slammed back the brandy and nodded. Before I could say anything, Patricia was on her knees in front of me. She unfastened my pants and pulled my rock-hard cock into her wet, willing mouth.

“Mmm. Your cock tastes like brandy. I’ll have your cum as a chaser.” Those dirty words coming from such a beautiful, classy woman made me shoot my load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

Once we were done, Patricia stood, straightened her clothes, and made her way over to the mirror hanging above the dresser. She pulled a lipstick out of her purse and re-did the lipstick she’d smudged. 

I slipped back into my dual-occupancy room. I listened to my roommate tell me about his adventure with Heidi, who had the tightest pussy he’d ever slid into. All I could think about was Patricia and her warm, wet mouth on my cock.

The next morning at breakfast, the guys treated me to all the best barnyard humor about not getting any the night before. Patricia glanced at me. Her face flushed a bright pink.

At lunchtime, we stopped at a countryside road stop, and everyone except Patricia and I went inside. I feigned a headache and Patricia said she had paperwork to do.

As soon as everyone was gone, Patricia descended on me. She had my cock out and into her mouth before I could say much. All I could think was that she wanted my sausage a lot more than the ones inside the pub. I guided her head, trying to get my load off before the others filtered back from lunch.

It didn’t take long to feel that familiar pressure build. When I knew I was going to cum, I held Patricia’s face as I shot my load deep down her throat. It was so intense I nearly passed out.

In Paris, Patricia coupons with telephone numbers for their companion for the evening.

“You, Mr. Brown, do not need to worry about a number as we will be spending time in my room, discussing erotic matters.” She gave me a sexy smile. All I wanted to do was to march her to her room and yank her knickers down.

I tried to wait patiently while the others all left. As soon as they did, I raced to Patricia’s room. There was no talking, we stripped off each other’s clothes. Her bush was a neatly trimmed strip that made a trail down to her slit. I tossed her on the bed, crouched behind her, threw her ankles over my shoulders, and slid inside her.

Patricia orgasmed twice before I got off once. We spent the rest of our time fucking and resting until it was time for me to return to my shared room.

I returned to my room to avoid any suspicion. I managed to get a shower in before my roommate returned. I thought maybe a couple other passengers were beginning to put two and two together, but I wasn’t sure. 

Our last stop was a night in Rome. Patricia gave everyone directions to the famous massage spa that catered to foreign tourists.

Patricia and I ran up to the room in the five-star hotel for our rendezvous. She told me to lay face down, and she spritzed my back with warm oil. She rubbed me from head to toe.

My cock was so hard that when I rolled over, it stood at attention like a flagpole. Patricia pleasured me with her mouth, and then straddled me and rode me like a rodeo cowboy.

“Oh, Mr. Brown, I want you to fuck me in the ass. Please, it makes me feel like a slave girl. Ravage me, you depraved, rich old Roman.” She begged.

I slowly pushed my cock into her tight sphincter. She cried out as I pounded her ass. I called out as I filled her tight hole with my seed.

That was the best night of this all-expenses-paid trip.

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