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Caught in the Act

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When I was nineteen years old, I was caught having sex by our maid.

My parents had a wedding function to attend far enough from home that they planned on spending the night. I looked forward to that night because my boyfriend and I were going to have sex for the first time. The thing is no one in my family knew about my boyfriend.

When my boyfriend showed up, our maid answered the door. She called me over to where my boyfriend stood.

“Who is this boy?” she asked.

“This is a friend from school. I forgot to tell you that he was coming over to study with me.” I told her. I tried to sound as innocent as possible so the maid wouldn’t become suspicious.

She let my boyfriend in, and we went to sit on the couch. We made some small talk for a while. I was afraid that the sexual tension between us would stand out like a neon sign.

After some time passed, I stood, “So, the notes we need are upstairs in my room.” I made sure our maid heard me say this.

We practically ran upstairs. Once inside my room, the door shut, we were on each other in an instant. Our hands were all over each other, and we stumbled all over the place, trying to get our clothes off.

My boyfriend seemed to get frustrated that this was taking so long. He pushed me toward my desk and bend me forward over the table. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out and then pushed my pyjama bottoms and panties down.

When he entered me, it hurt even though I was really wet. It seemed like he struggled to slide his dick fully into my pussy. He was so turned on that he wasn’t in me entirely that he started humping anyway. After a few of his frenzied thrusts, his cock slid deep inside me.

That is when I felt the first pleasure of this experience. As my boyfriend pumped against me, I began to moan. I couldn’t help it. My boyfriend now grunted like a wild animal as he pumped into me, and I ground my ass against him.

That is when I realized he couldn’t cum inside me. “Don’t finish inside.” I gasped as we kept the momentum up.

“Then, where?” He grunted

I’d already given him blow jobs before, so I said, “I’ll finish you in my mouth.” 

I turned to face him so I could kneel and suck him off. That is when I notice my door was ajar, and our maid stood peering transfixed at us.

“Stop!” I screeched. As I screamed, my boyfriend came, shooting his hot cum all over me.

My boyfriend turned to see what I’d screamed about. We all stood there, shocked. I fumbled my panties and pyjama bottoms back up with the sticky semen making them cling to me.

Hastily pulling his pants up, my boyfriend wouldn’t look up again. I knew he was embarrassed.

Our maid had retreated from the crack at the bedroom door, so I rushed to follow her. I found her in the kitchen, mumbling about what she should do.

When I entered the room, she asked. “Did that boy force himself on you?”

I stared at her for a moment. I couldn’t let her think that. It’s not what happened. “No. We planned to do this as soon as Mom and Dad were going away.”

“You’re certain. If so, what you’ve done is wrong. Your parents will be so angry.” She paced the floor.

“You can’t tell them. Please. Mom and Dad will never let me see him again. They may want him punished.” I pleaded with her.

“I don’t want to be in trouble with them, either. This happened while I was here. I was supposed to watch over you.” She stared at me.

“What if I gave you 500 rupees? Would that help you keep our secret?” I had that much stashed in my room from my allowance.

After a little more talking and 500 rupees later, she agreed to keep quiet.

My poor boyfriend left with a look of shame on his face.

The thought of him coming all over my pussy hair and legs turned me on so much that I couldn’t help but masturbate several times that night.

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  • Ron Hardwood 1 year ago

    Well you should have saved your rupees and tryed getting her in bed, if she’d been watching she to was probably hot as well and after that she wouldn’t be talking about anything. …


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