Hotel Euphoria Part 1

“Welcome to Hotel Euphoria. Checking in?” Andrew looked around the lobby which wasn’t too much to look at, although the girl speaking certainly was. After giving his name, she said, “are you familiar with how this hotel works?”

“What do you mean? My friend just told me it was a great place to clear your head after a breakup.”

She smiled. “He was right. This is because Hotel Euphoria is a freeuse hotel. Along with the usual all-inclusive package, anybody with this wristband,” she handed a green wristband to him, “purchased the euphoria package and can use anybody else with that wristband however they want.”

In his excitement, Andrew snapped the wristband on. He wanted to run his bag to his room and explore, and the front desk woman said, “let me help you with your bag.” She walked around the counter and Andrew noticed a green band on her wrist. “Staff also is available?”

She nodded, laughing. “Yes, and we really care about servicing the customer as best as we can. How can I serve you?” Immediately, his dick hardened as all of the possibilities. He decided to test the rules as much as he could.

He unzipped his pants, his erect cock springing free. The receptionist fell to her knees. Her eyes widened as she examined Andrew’s cock. “I love my job,” she whispered, before opening her mouth to accept his cock.

She sucked as if she read the dirty thoughts dancing on his mind. Her hands on his hips to stabilize and with plenty of slobber, she accepted Andrew in and out of her throat. He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling and the sounds of her enthusiastic blowjob. Drool dripped down, messing up her Hotel Euphoria polo as her eyes rolled in drunken lust.

“Can I fuck you too?” She removed his cock from her throat, to say. “Of course you can! How and where do you want me?”

He offered a hand and lifted her to her feet. Her face was now a sexy mess. Andrew pulled her polo over her head and unsnapped her black bra, watching her almond colored breasts spill out. She softly pinched and rubbed her nipples in anticipation, as Andrew bent to pull down her skirt and panties.

He slipped a finger between her legs, and found her already very wet. She was loving this. Andrew smiled and bent her over the desk. “You like when dudes fuck you like this?” She looked back at Andrew and spanked her ass. “I fucking love it.”

Andrew put one hand on her head to push her face onto the desk and entered her from behind. She moaned as Andrew pushed deep into her. At first, he slowly enjoyed the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his dick, before his horniness spurred him harder and deeper into her. Andrew grabbed her hips and thrust into her savagely.

He grunted as the pressure built and slowed down. “You can cum inside me.” She gasped over her shoulder. “Love when I go back to work with a satisfied guest’s cum dripping out.” Andrew laughed, loving this hotel already. He resumed his hard fucking and in no time, Andrew hit a euphoric orgasm. Meanwhile, receptionist climaxed as Andrew unloaded blasts of pent up cum inside her juicy pussy.

They both relaxed, trying to catch their breath as another man entered from the front door and walked to the desk. Andrew pulled his pants up hastily. The receptionist straightened and began running through her standard introductions, but this time, naked with a stream of Andrew’s cum running down her leg.

The man ignored all of the words, staring at her tits as they bounced with every movement. Andrew said, “I recommend you start with her” and turned to explore the hotel. ( PART THREE )

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