Wife teaches the babysitter

It had been a very long week and my wife Sally and I decided we deserved a date night. I called our babysitter, Victoria and asked if she was free on Sat. To my surprise she was actually free. She just graduated and I was surprised she didn’t have something better to do the day before the weekend.

I told Sally,  “we are good for tomorrow night. “

She responded, “good, I need some time to decompress and have some time for just the two of us, and if you play your cards right you might get some tomorrow night;)”

I teased back, “I don’t think I have to worry about that, after a couple drinks at dinner I’ll have to beat you off me with a stick”

The next day and we both ran some errands. I went to the store to get stuff for the yard and Sally went shopping.

She got home about 4 and Victoria was due to be at our house at 5. She had a couple bags with her and headed straight upstairs saying, “I’m hoping in the shower so I’ll be ready.”

I finished up in the yard and headed upstairs. Sally was getting out the shower and I immediately noticed her pussy was completely bare.

“Um… what’s going on here?” As I slide my fingers between her lips and over her smooth mound.

“The girls at worked always talked about being waxed and I decided why not give it a try. Do you like it?”

I answered by dropping to my knees and pulling her into my face and felt her baby smooth skin on my lips and began to lick her.

She pushed off of me and said, “you’ll have to save that for later. I got to get dressed”.

She walked over to one of the bags and pulled out a bright red thin lace pair of boy shorts panties and slide them on.

I was already raging hard and this didn’t help. “Wow, those are beyond sexy”

She said, “good, I’m glad you like it because I’ll match tonight.”  She then pulled out the bra to match and covered her perfect little b cups. The material was thin enough that I could still her nipples perfectly.

I stood there with my mouth open and she teased, “close your fly trap and go get ready.”

I hopped in the shower and it was everything I could do not to rub one out thinking about her bald pussy and those new panties. I resisted on the thought of how good tonight was going to be.

I got out of the shower and Sally was wearing a tight black dress that was about halfway to her knees. The dress was new too and she looked killer in.

“Holy fuck babe, you trying to kill me tonight?”

“I might have a plan for you tonight.” Sally said in a devilish voice.

“You have beyond peaked my interest, what is this so called plan babe?” I asked.


The door bell cut me off and Sally said, “go let Victoria in, while I finish getting ready.

I walked down stairs trying to adjust my boner so it wouldn’t be obvious. I opened the door and Victoria was standing there.

She was always cute but I tried not to check her out. I didn’t want to be the creepy old guy checking out the babysitter. But I was raging horny and she was looking hotter than ever. She was a petite little thing probably 90 pounds soaking wet. Every inch of her was tone. She was wearing a ultra short Jean skirt that showed off her thin little legs and a tight little tank top. She had the smallest little tits and the top was cut low enough the little clevege She had was showing. After I realized I broke my rule and just gave her a full up and down I studdered out, “hey Victoria, come on in”

She stood there for a second then I followed her eyes and I swear she gave me the up and downs and would bet my house she lingered on my crotch making me very self conscious of my now harder cock.

I stepped aside and walked in the door. I followed her into the kitchen staring at her teen legs and perky little ass. I can’t get caught from behind and Sally was upstairs so I checked her out unashamedly.

She turned to face me when she got to the island and I barely got my eyes up before getting caught for the second time in two minutes.

She asked, “where yall going to night Mr p? When you think you’re going to be home?”

“We have reservations at Tony’s and I think we should be home by 10 or so. Ally is currently napping. You know where the formula is, just give her a bottle when she wakes up”

Victoria laughed and said, ” this not my first rodeo Mr P. I got this… I heard Tony’s is really good. Yall should have a good night”

Sally came walking down the stairs and Victoria continued talking, “dang Mrs p. You pulling out all the stops tonight. You’re looking cute!”

I said louder than I expected, “you have no idea”

Victoria’s eyes went wide with curiosity and said, “what does that mean?”

I gave her a wink and said, ” don’t worry about it.”

Sally was at my side and said, “we need to go.” 

We drove to the restaurant and had a great dinner and Sally had couple of drinks and was getting increasingly horny and vocal. She leaned over and whispered in my ear,  “these new panties against my bare pussy has me soaking wet, I can feel every crease of the lace against my lips and it’s driving me a crazy.”

She took my hand and slid it up her dress and I felt her wetness on her leg before I got to her crotch and once I got to between her legs it was the most wet I have ever felt her. It was like she wasn’t even wearing panties. I slid my finger between her lips and pressed the fabric just slightly into her. She let out a little gasp. I said, “Wow, you are insanely wet. Is it the fabric on your bare pussy or this plan of yours that has you so worked up?”

She said, “I don’t see why it can’t be both…”

“Then tell me what your plan is.” I demanded.

She responded. “I cant do that, it would ruin the surpise, but I’ll tell you it’s something a saw in a porn and have not been able to stop thinking about since”

I was shocked by her words, she had never openly admitted she watched porn before and always seemed off put by it any time it came up. 

She read my face and knew what I was thinking and said, “I don’t watch it often but when I do I tend to watch some pretty kinky shit”

My mind was racing with the possibilities of what in the world she had planned and what type of kinky porn she liked.

“I am going to need a lot more details” I said as I felt my boner growing.

She responded, “no you need to get the check.”

I immediately got the waiters attention and paid the check and got Sally to the car. I open the door for her and she got in. When I got in I found her panties on the gear shift. She smiled the most devilish smile at me. I picked them up and they were dripping wet. I put them to my nose and took and the perfect sent of my wife’s pussy. I put them in my mouth and sucked the juices out of them.

It was her turned to be shocked. I could see it on her face. “You taste delicious, let’s get you home so I can get it from the source.”

She just let out a “um…” then said, “that didn’t look like that was your first time doing that”

I just gave her a wink and said, “guilty”

She said, “now I am going to need more details”

As she finished her sentence we pulled into the garage and I said, “well you’re going to have to wait.”

We walked in and called for Victoria and got no answer. We walked into the living room and my heart stopped to the sight before me. She was passed out asleep on the couch. She was laying on her back and one leg was on the couch with the other hanging off the side. With her legs spread I had a perfect up skirt  view and saw her light blue cotton panties that had a huge damp spot. Her teenage body was perfect and her innocent panties was clinging to her pussy lips. I was staring at the view infront totally entranced. I felt Sally punch me in the arm and said, “pervert” in a tone that said she totally didn’t mean it. I took my eyes off Victoria for a second and looked at Sally and gave her a shrug. I continued my visual fucking of this teenage perfection and trying my best to imprint the image to my mind as much as possible. Sally grabbed a blanket, put her leg on the couch and covered her up. Victoria half woke up and started to apologize for falling asleep. Sally ensured her it was fine and told her to just stay here and she would text her mom to let her know. Victoria smiled and rolled over and was instantly back asleep.

I was fully hard and grabbed Sally by the and pulled her upstairs. As soon as I got the bedroom door shut I was on Sally. I pulled her dress off revealing her new red bra and panty-less and hairless pussy. I can see streaks of clear fluid running down her leg.

I said, “I cant remember the last time you were this horny” I ran my hand up her leg smearing her fluids over her smooth legs.

She grabbed my cock and said, “you’re not far off from me and I’m just wondering if it’s from me or getting to see our exposed teenage babysitter.”   I remembered what she said earlier and responded. “I don’t see why it can’t be both”

She said, “now you said that, I won’t feel the least by sorry for my plan. I’ll consider it punishment for you being a little perv”

Again I knew she didn’t mean it, but was even more intrigued that she could think she could do anything sexual and it would be a punishment.

I responded, “I’m willing to take the risk”.

I pushed her down to the bed and pulled her to the side and got on my knees and dived between her legs. I wasted no time and was licking her deep. She was a sloppy mess and it was amazing. I love eating her pussy and she was so wet my mouth was exploding with her taste. The smoothness of her freshly waxed pussy was just amazing.Her hips were starting to rock up and down and I knew she was starting to cum. I pulled her forward harder into my face and slipped a finger between her ass cheeks. I put pressure on her asshole which was soaking wet from her juices flowing down and she let out a moan. Thats all I needed and pushed my finger deep in her ass. As soon as I did she was moaning and I held her down to the bed and ate her through her orgasm. She was breathing heavy and was trying to catch her breathe and said, “that’s a good start. But I’m going to need more”

“My pleasure” I said and went back to licking her. She said, “no, I want your cock.”

She pulled me up by my hair on to the bed and mounted me. She started to ride me slowly. She leaned forward whispered, “just go with it, don’t fight me”

At this point I’d walk over hot coals to keep her fucking me so I eagerly agreed. “Give me you worst punishment”.

Her eyes lite up with the word “punishment” and a grin spread across her face.

She started to pick up her pace a little but was still slow and methodical with motions. She said, “you’d like what you saw earlier didn’t you?”  She dug her nails into my  chest with the question.  I wasn’t sure if this was a trap and my mind raced with how I’d should answer. I decided truth was the best. “Yes, her body is fantastic”.

Her nails dug deeper into my chest and my cock got harder inside her.

“Did you notice her panties were wet?” She asked.

I closed my eyes and was picturing her teenage lips begging to be freed from those cotton panties. I felt my balls tightening. “Yes, not something I’d forget anytime soon”.

Sally released her grip on my chest and put her hands around my neck and squeezed. She has never been overly dominant before and at this point I was loving it.

“I’d bet you sniff and suck on those blue panties just like you did mine tonight given the chance, wouldn’t you?”

“I had wondered about her panties several times and now I know at least one of her pairs and I most certainly would given a chance.”

Sally squeezed my neck tighter and picked up her pace. “You have to pay for your perverted little thoughts. Make me cum”

I started pushing my hips up into her as she grinded on my dick. She was moaning very loudly. Then we both heard a noise by the door. Sally’s eyes darted to the door. It was slightly cracked now. She leaned forward and asked, “you shut the door right? ” while never stopping the movement of her hips. I responded, “one hundred percent yes”. I thought our night just came to an end but she whispered in my ear, ” I think Victoria is watching, do you want to let her watch me fuck you and punish you”.

My mind was swirling and I was trying to process my wife being willing to let this teenage perfection watch us fuck and there was that word again “punish”. I made my decision and responded by pulling her hair with one hand and smacking her ass with the other. She let out a welp and picked her pace up to as hard and aggressive as she could ride me. She started to cum in seconds and was moaning so loud she was practically screaming. She said, “fill me up, cum deep in me” her words pushed me over the edge and I started to cum. I came so hard thinking about Victoria’s panties and the fact she might be watching us.

Sally legs relaxed and she said, “I told you I wanted more. Time for your punishment.” She lifted herself up and moved towards my face. I realized at that moment that she wanted me to eat her cum filled pussy. I wasn’t thrilled over the idea. I had thought about it before but never really could bring myself to after cumming. In a flash her swollen bald pussy was over my face. “Clean up your mess you naughty boy”

She promptly pressed her wet hole on my mouth and started grinding my face. I thought she was a sloppy mess before this was a different level. She was rocking back and forth and I was alternating from having my tongue in her pussy and ass. I was loving it. Then I felt a glob of my cum hit my tongue. She must of felt it leak out of her as she said at that moment. “That’s it, clean my pussy, eat your cum”

I couldn’t believe her dirty talk. I just responded by pulled her down tighter against my face and sucked and locked her as hard as I could. She started to cum and was sliding all over my face soaking my entire face and beard. As she clenched down on on her orgasm more cum leaked out of her. She was screaming again and came all over my face. I was in heaven.

She rolled off over me and was gasping for air. “That was so fucking hot. Thank you for letting me have my way”

I said, “babe we drastically have different definitions of punishment” She perked up and sat up on her elbow and said , “seriously? You liked that? Does that mean I’ll get that again?”.

I said, ” I cant say that I liked eating my cum, but I loved hearing you talk dirty like that and eating your pussy and having you fuck my face like that so much it makes up for that. Yes, you can have my mouth anyway anytime you want it”.

She said, “I cant wait to do that again, but for now there is some wasted cum” She then licked my lips and cheeks and tasted our combined juices. She licked her lips and whispered, “how do you feel that our baby sitter just watched you eat my dirty pussy”

“I didn’t think of that until now, that’s a little embarrassing but so incredibly hot thinking she watched us. Do you really think so or do you think we’re just imagining things?” I whispered back.

Just then we both her the lose floorboard by our door creak.

She smiled and said, “there’s your answer, I think she just left. Too bad, shes going to miss this” She scooted down and took my cock in her mouth. She said quietly, “I won’t mind If you’re thinking about those little wet panties of hers” She then gave me one one of the best blow job’s she’d ever gave me. I loaded her mouth full of cum with the picture of Victoria’s little legs and wet panties on my mind.

Sally said, “Wow that was a big load… especially for a second one. I guess you were thinking about that”

I responded, “guilty “

She said, “I’ll let that slide for tonight only. I’m spent. Let’s get some sleep and see what tomorrow brings”

She crawled up to me and we feel asleep.

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